The new Swift programming language has attracted many developers to itself, both inexperienced and advanced mobile developers. It seems as if Swift is starting to solve problems that so many mobile developers were dealing with for years, and we can only hope that the same tactics will rub off to future languages.

I’ve managed to cover a little bit of Swift already, here is a post that will show you how to have cleaner Swift code, and here is one that will give you insights on how to use HEX colors within your Swift code. The last one, a little snippet that shows how to read and write files within iOS and Swift. I’m looking forward to populating the snippets section with more examples.

In hopes to attract more developers to this magnificent language, I’m putting together a list of five amazing courses that will take you from being a Swift beginner, to being a Swift advanced developer. It takes around 6-10 weeks to gain any significant development experience, so don’t quit just because things are taking forever to form. If anything, you will be grieving over the learning curve.

Swift for Absolute Beginners

The first course on our list consists of roughly 20 lectures, and about 2 hours of video content. What I like about this course is that it gets right to the point, from the very beginning. You won’t become an expert overnight by completing this course, but you’ll definitely have a greater understanding of the default language functions; their definitions, and their usage within programs. A few hundred students have already taken part in this.

Swift – Learn Apple’s New Programming Language Step By Step

Swift is a new language, which means that there are going to be early adopters, and also potential prodigies that will take the language to its next phase. This course was built specifically with those statements in mind, and after finishing this course, you’ll know how to: Install and Setup Swift, all there is to know about functional programming, how to evolve from Objective-C, and also the control flow that commands Swift.

Over 8,000 students have taken part in this four hours course (with nearly hundred lectures), and will happily help you to overcome problems that you’re experiencing. All students get access to a private forum for discussion with other learners, and also the instructor of the course.

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Learn Swift: Develop an App or a Game from the Source Code

What are the differences between Objective-C and Swift? Do you want to create your first Swift application from scratch? This course is perfect for you! In this course you are going to be learning how to build a Flappy Bird like game using Swift. It’s only less than hour of content that you have to watch, but the quality of instruction is so great that you’ll want to re-watch the whole course instantly. Great for those developers who want to begin creating mobile games.

iOS 8 and Swift – How to Make a “Freaking” iPhone App

Nick Walter has been developing iOS applications for several years now, and has now given himself the challenge of teaching Swift to other developers. With over 2,000 students, this course stands out with its detailed explanations and quality of content in regard to building working and functional apps. The course was created not for learning what programming or computer science is, but specifically to get developers to build apps from the ground up. You’ll be learning how to create apps that can be used by anyone, including your friends and family.

Yo don’t need to have any prior programming experience in order to enroll in this course, the author (Nick) has been a beginner himself one day, and he totally understands what it is like to start from scratch. The course is also suitable for entrepeneurs who’re looking to build their own apps, but don’t want to shell out thousands for expert developers. Teaching yourself how to code great mobile apps can turn out to be a very promising combination.

iOS8 and Swift App Programming

Every instructor teaches in his own way, EDUmobile have taken the concept of iOS 8 and Swift programming, and created a course that’s not only logical, but also very easy to follow. At the moment, over a thousand students have enrolled to this class, and the seats are getting taken fast. You’ll immediately start with Swift Primers, which will give you a good understanding of how the language works.

Learn the fundamentals of Swift by building real-life projects that not only work, but can be used in production. Each student gets lifetime access to updates and new resources for this specific class.

How to Learn Swift Programming Language

I actually skipped covering one other course, which can be found in this post here. It’s another Swift course that will take you from zero to one hundred in a couple of weeks, the reasons for excluding it is the amount of students it has. The number is quickly approaching 20,000 students, which not only guarantees a vibrant and active community, but also the quality of learning material.

I’m looking forward to the growth of this programming language, and surely as it grows – more learning resources will become available, as at the moment – nobody seems to be interested in publishing free learning resources for this specific language. Have you written any Swift tutorials or guides that you’d like to share with the community?

The programming contest community TopCoder is reporting of having up-to 4,000 unique Swift developers in their members database, and the number seems to be growing very rapidly.