Backlinks are considered by Google when it comes to site ranking. If your goal is to make the site more popular, you can consider the link-building technique. Of course, you can publish content and wait that users will add links to it on their pages. However, it will be more fruitful to take situation under control. Keep reading this article to learn important info on that. 

Initial Info 

Link building (LB) implies placing links to a particular website on other web pages. A range of benefits, such as better site ranking, greater brand awareness, and others, can be achieved as a result. 

Links are viewed by Google as “votes.” A lot of individuals opine that the ranking of their sites directly depends on the number of links they publish, but the reality is different, and “the more ­ the better” rule does not apply here. 

First of all, it is essential to create trustworthy and quality content to make other people become interested in reading it. Secondly, remember that competitors will use an LB strategy as well. 

How to Build Links

Below is a list of the most common strategies that can be applied:

  • Buying links. It is a quick and easy way to get links. Among the platforms allowing doing this is Find the most reputable websites for publications.
  • Adding links. Users can add links to their content in different directories. However, they should avoid adding links everywhere, including low-quality sources.
  • Asking for adding links. Write to the site owner and ask whether it is possible to get a link or not. Note that the owner is not really interested in doing that unless being offered something valuable. It can be posting his/her link on your website, offering subscription services, or something else.
  • Earning links. Some visitors will simply want to add links to your content because they find it interesting.
  • Preserving links. The previously obtained links may then disappear; so, try to prevent this from happening. 

How to Create a Good Link?

To reach the desired result, publish a good link. Such links match a range of factors, such as:

  • Authority. Adding links on a website with very little traffic will unlikely improve the site ranking.
  • Relevance. For instance, if it is a site selling medications, place a link leading to a product page in the article related to the disease that this medicine can treat.
  • Anchor text. It is important to select words corresponding to the content that the link leads to.
  • Placement. It is possible to place links all over the website, but doing this is undesirable. For instance, links placed at the beginning of the article are more likely to be clicked on.
  • Destination. Links can be placed on the homepage, product page, and other sections. Choose the destination depending on the goal. 

Taking into account those factors will help a webmaster choose the right place to publish links. 

Best Link Building Tactics

Different strategies related to building links can be used, including the following ones:

  • Guest blogging. Make publications on third-party websites by choosing reputable sources for publications and post only high-quality content.
  • Pursuing the links of competitors. Analyze the work of the main competitors to decide how they managed to reach top ranking by Google.
  • Creating linkable assets. Those are high-quality pieces of content that draw lots of attention. Such assets can be infographics, images, interesting content, or something else.
  • Content promotion. Make sure that people will be able to find the content with links in it easily. This can be achieved in different ways, such as posting ads, making publications on social networks, and more. 

It is possible to combine different tactics to enjoy the best result. 

Link-building Tools

A few helpful link-building tools can be used:

  • Research tools. Consider using them to analyze the results of the main competitors. With their help, webmasters can get helpful insights on what should be done.
  • Web monitoring tools. This is how link owners are notified about important actions that may impact their link-building results, such as new links purchased by their competitors.
  • Email outreach tools. They will help manage link-building campaigns. 

Link building is an effective strategy to make a site popular. Just make sure to apply the best strategies and add new links on a regular basis.

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