You have decided to start your own business. However, you don’t know how to write well enough to add content to your website and you aren’t good enough with numbers to keep your accounting up-to-date. Not only this, but you may not be experienced enough at SEO to get your website at the top of the search engines and seen by millions of people online. This is where the freelancers you hire come in. Freelancers step in for a short period of time to help you with aspects that you might not be familiar with.

Keep the Communication Open

Keep the Communication Open

If you are wondering how it works to keep a long lasting and healthy working relationship with the freelancers you hire to help your business grow, one great way to do this is to keep communication open between you and the freelancers. You want to be able to know how they are doing with the project you hired them for. Calling, emailing, texting, or instant messaging are all great ways to keep in contact with those you hire to help grow your business. Just make sure that they know from the very beginning that you want to be in contact with them as much as possible.

Make Sure to Hire the Right Freelancers

You want to make sure you hire the right ones the first time before you hand over any time-sensitive projects to them. This means to screen the freelancers you interview really well to ensure you hire the right ones and the best ones you can find before giving them any information about your business and yourself. You can do this by posting a detailed job post on the freelancing websites you use to find them, put the best ones in a shortlist and pay them to do a test project for you, and also do an interview over the phone if possible. You can also start them out with a small project as a test to ensure they know what they are doing before hiring them for the long-term.

Make Sure They Understand Your Expectations of Them

Set clear expectations for them and the work you hire them for. You don’t want them coming to you when in the middle of the project you hire them for, asking you a bunch of questions. Make sure your expectations are clear from the beginning and everything will be fine for you and them.

Ask Them What Motivates Them

Asking them what their motivation is for working with you will help you get to know them better. Although money is the main answer and the easiest, it isn’t always the answer you will get. In fact, it also isn’t the right answer for them to give you. Learning something new or honing their skills to keep them strong at what they do is a better answer to this question.

Trust What They Are Doing

As long as you trust them and what they are doing for you, they will appreciate the work you give them and for trusting them with your business needs. For this reason, they will want to continue to work with you for as long as they can and for as long as you will let them.

Payout your Freelance

Rate and Review Them

Make sure once they do the small test project for you, that you rate them and review them on how well they did the work for you. This will make them happy because they will be able to get more work from others, as long as it is a good review for them. By doing this for them, they will want to stay working with you for your business. Who knows, you might also become friends in the long run and everyone could always use more friends.

Using the tips above will guarantee that you will maintain a long and healthy relationship with the freelancers you chose for your business.

You want those who appreciate you and your business and those who will always do great work for you. You will be happy you found the freelancers you found!