If you are obsessed with making videos and want to upload them on social media, then you must have the best video intro maker. Many people are wasting their time scrolling the feed and liking pictures because they do not know social media are very powerful platforms. There are many ways through which you can start making your money. You can start doing blogging on Instagram, nowadays people spend much of their time on it and they immediately get influenced by people, whenever they see them. Similarly, there many other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc. 

If you are good at making videos then you should start doing your own business by making a YouTube channel. Many types of research have proved that YouTube is the second most visited website. It one of the most popular social platforms to earn money. Select one niche in which you are very pro like you can select food, travel, and fitness, etc. Now coming towards the main point how you can make your professional videos? 

If you search Google you must come across a wide variety of video makers, but VidClipper is one the most professional and user-friendly video makers. It is available online, you can easily download it for free. If you have just started your channel or making videos it must be difficult for you to make professional videos. So here, in this article, I am going to list some easy steps which can help you to make the introduction of your videos using VidClipper. 

Steps to make an intro of video by using VidClipper

Step No 1: Select the niche and target audience

The first step is to select the specific niche in which you want to work. If you go through Google you must see different categories available like food, travel, fitness, beauty, fashion, and style, etc. select the niche which suits your mood and in which you think you would easily find the material. If you get confused in deciding the category you can Google the most-watched videos on YouTube, after watching them you can select the most popular niche and work on them.

The purpose of searching on Google is to know what your audience demands the most, so if your audience likes fitness and beauty, you must start working on it. Always keep the target audience in mind, do not talk about it here and there. Try to work on the domain which your audience likes the most. You can also select the age of people which you want to target, this will increase your views. For instance, if you have made a channel for adults so try to make content that targets them. 

Step No 2: Always make a unique content

After selecting the niche, your focus should be transferred to making unique content. Now the question is how to make unique content? Sometimes you may run out of ideas and do not know in which way you should organize your content, so in this situation, you can search similar accounts and see what they are doing. After watching them make different content, you can take help out of them but do not copy and repeat the same content. 

Step No 3: Start making your videos

After making the content, now it’s time to make a YouTube video. Before making the video, gather all the material like video clips, pictures, and music. These are the basics of any video, gather them all in your gallery or play music. Now go to VidClipper import all the video clips and follow the following steps:

  • Import your video from your gallery to an editor. 
  • You can easily trim, cut, or drag any clip of your video.
  • You can also cut some parts from the clips. For instance, if you do not like the clip, simply select the cut icon to splice the video clip. 
  • Add desired filters, effects, and transitions to your video.
  • Add different subtitles to your video, just simply click the subtitle feature and add them. Similarly, you can also add text to the video. 
  • Here you go, you are done with making your video and import this video back to the gallery. 

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