At this point, metaverse is the most raging topic in the tech industry. Metaverse is a virtual world where you and I exist simultaneously, in simple words. It is a virtual space that does not have any physical form. As you might have read elsewhere, it is still in its early stages. While it is in the making, let’s take the opportunity to read about what we can expect.

How Do Metaverses Work?

Imagine being in the real world and functioning the usual way. You are probably thinking of heading over to a hip cafe and getting your work done while you sip on a cup of coffee that has your soul. But you’re too lazy to dress up and go out there. This is where metaverse comes into play. With its evolving nature, it is only a few years or even months before virtual reality can interact with the likes of yours and others. You only have to wear a VR headset which is the most amount of effort that you put into it. Or, imagine you wish to travel to Niagara Falls but have the slightest time to commute? Metaverse is your option. You can be anywhere in a few seconds and still live a social life.

Worried about people looking at you while you go about your day? Don’t be. Metaverse creates an avatar for you based on your looks. Besides, you are interacting with everyone around you, making it no lesser than actual reality. You can enter a virtual coffee shop and order from your favourite menu, which is then delivered to you. Besides being capable enough to provide sight, sounds and a sense of motor movements, VRs are also introducing smell these days.

TheMall by MetaVRse

We are aware that we can successfully order coffee. But, what about shopping? TheMall is a gleaming initiative resilient in providing you with a virtual yet interactive environment. Powered by the MetaVRse engine, this new reality seeks investors to fund its growth and build. Still, in its early stages, makers have been good enough to make us a trailer of what’s to come in the future, particularly in 2022. You have three options – Brand Retailer, Investor and Enthusiast. No need to sulk if you don’t want to be an investor. You can still be an enthusiast and contribute to the project.

Alan Smithson is the founder of MetaVRse. Along with Julie Smithson, he incorporated this idea into reality. Together, they gathered a team of three and designed an engine that called for web running in 2020. This year’s engine has seen drastic changes and hopes to bring better graphics into the making. It has been in processing for the last seven years. It is an attempt to revolutionise the technological world and provide an interactive experience in terms of shopping.

Smithson was motivated by virtual worlds like Roblox, The Sandbox and Minecraft. But, the makeup was patchy and the graphics were blocky. Smithson was determined to add quality graphics and show virtual but real stores and their products.

Features of TheMall

  • The Largest Virtual Mall – TheMall is the first-known virtual mall that stands at a whopping 100-floor height. They may as well call it Meta Tower.
  • Spaceless Haven – This particular mall, like any other virtual establishment, does not require real space, making it feasible. TheMall is a 100 million sq ft retail and entertainment haven. It is not only eight times larger than the Mall of Dubai, which is estimated to cover 12 million sq ft. Space is only a matter of an idea in the metaverse. Smithson has shown just that in the creation of the virtual mall.
  • Avatars – The company is planning to incorporate ReadyPlayerMe avatars into TheMall. 
  • Shares – The company plans to sell a huge percentage of the 100-floor building as NFTs or fungible tokens. The remaining part of the building will be then sold to investors who are able to again resell their property. The developer can then modify the floor or store according to his/her requirements and architectural designs.
  • Debut and Access – TheMall will be debuting by the end of this year. In Smithson’s words, it will be launched by the fourth quarter. TheMall is accessible over the web, and no added platforms like an app or hardware are needed for this venture. 
  • What is available? – TheMall will feature digital goods in addition to physical goods and digitally delivered ones. Over time, the company plans to host events like music concerts, comedy shows and other social events. It also plans to invite influencers and artists to promote its brand.

What can we Expect in MetaVRse?

Version two of MetaVrse introduces better graphics and several mechanisms to make it a worthy experience. It can be accessed over a mobile browser, latest or older versions. Smithson has specifically trained the newer version to be compatible with older phones so that it does not create a mess. His primary target audience is people who do not use gaming devices, as this will only instil a sense of belonging and usualness in the user. Through this strategy, he plans to reach at least 7 billion consumers. MetaVrse wants its consumers to have the most valuable photorealistic experience without comparing it to reality. It aims to weave a global standard for advertising. In terms of brands, it wants to give them a new identity and a sense of virtual identity. In addition, you will be able to mint any avatar into an NFT. Each consumer will be allowed to invite 10 friends at most. 

It has a drag-and-drop feature. It also has a low-code development system that makes it easier for store holders to edit a product after creating it. Virtual stores can also have videos running inside TheMall. In terms of security and protection, the company has decided to run a transparent mode of payment. It will tie up with Bitpay, which allows up to 15 cryptocurrencies and 95 different wallets. One can also pay for a product using his/her credit card with Stripe.


To conclude, the mall is everything that an eco-friendly environment desires. It is easily accessible, generates no waste and does not reduce the need for resources. It grants you comfort from any corner of the world.

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