How Important is Mobile Website Optimization in 2014

The first infographic about mobile business and why you should make the switch to mobile in 2014 was posted only short two weeks ago. Though, this one does date back to 2013 – it contains incredibly valuable information about the mobile market and in which direction it is heading. At this point we can assume that the stats are growing even more and there is even more demand for people who can a business appear mobile friendly.

To begin with, mobile sites don’t differentiate from a normal standalone website with much, apart from the fact that the design is responsive and adjust to the mobile devices size. The SEO standards stay the same, and the website will rank the same as it would on a normal day. The difference steps in once we realize that we can customize our mobile websites to the needs of our users.

great mobile browsing experienceOn the web, you’ve got a bit of time to make the user to understand and get a feel of your full website. On mobile, you’re giving the customer a miniature version – and to take full advantage of this, you must try and provide only the most relevant things at any given time.

When you’re hiring a developer, make sure that he knows how to create customized websites, so that your mobile customers can have a different and more appealing user experience.

Over 25% of online purchases are now being made on mobile devices. That is an incredible number, and you’ve got to remember that customers love to have a swift and seamless experience – one more reason to look for the right developer who knows his stuff.

The infographic continues to report that only a mere 35% of online business owners have established a website that is optimized for mobile clients. This is not only a market to ‘tap into’ (literally), but also to explore and perhaps find new business opportunities. I’m not going to give it away too soon!

Site speed, design, usability…all those things matter if you want to make sales and make them quickly. This is a data packed infographic that will help you to make more wise and more converting decisions than before.

How Important is Mobile Website Optimization in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are your goals for mobile website optimization in 2014? Are you prepared for the mobile market? If not, how do you plan to prepare and organize yourself? I’ll appreciate any recommendations!