Programming languages are used in computer development. It is no secret that developers use it in the gambling industry. Programming languages include your usual video entertainment development. Popular slots programming languages in the creation of modern pokies are:

  • Java,
  • HTML5,
  • Python,
  • Lua,
  • C++,
  • JavaScript,
  • C#.

1. Java

This programming language is used in developing games. This language has many applications: logic and mechanics of mobile games, especially for products designed for the Android operating system. It is multi-threaded and has the possibility of unimpeded interaction with mobile devices. It interacts perfectly with engines, graphics, and sound programs.

2. HTML5

It is used for the development of various online pokies. HTML5 defines the layout for interactive features. This simple markup language now replaces Adobe Flash which R.I.P since the end of 2020 as Google Chrome has shut it down.

3. Lua

Its main purpose is to embed into other applications for writing configuration and high-level scripts. The appearance and the capabilities of Lua seem like another attempt to redo JavaScript. The last slots programming language we have mentioned is two years younger. The underlying principle of Lua is the extensibility of semantics, provision of meta-mechanisms, and implementation of a variable set of tools instead of providing a fixed set. This programming language should be considered a multi-paradigm one, as it allows development in different styles. Functions are first-class objects, i.e. they can be manipulated.

4. C++

It is the programming language that differs in its variety and functionality. Its main capabilities include object-oriented, procedural, and generalized programming operations. Its strengths include an extensive standard library. What is c++ used for? This slots programming language can be used effectively on a variety of platforms and is successfully combined with other software tools.

5. JavaScript

JS is a multi-paradigm programming language. It is used as an embedded tool for software access to various application objects. With its help, developers can “revitalize” site markings. Programs in this language are called scripts. They can be built into HTML and run automatically when a web page is loaded. You may wonder what makes this program so special and allows it to stand out against other opponents. We should highlight three strengths of this slots programming language:

  •     full integration with HTML/CSS,
  •     ease of doing anything,
  •     support for all major browsers and enabled by default.

As with any field, there are many JavaScript development tools that help developers make the end result better. It is important to note that this programming language has undergone a long evolution, as it was created only for the browser, but is now used on many other platforms. This allows you to take a unique position as the most common language for a browser with full integration with HTML/CSS.

6. C#

This slots programming language is most popular in video game theory, because of its complete objectivity. It is most commonly used for developing PC game products. It is also very important to learn C++ because ​it fits perfectly with engines and programs for creating graphic and sound design. The engine (built-in if it is a browser) reads (“parsit”) in script text. He transforms (“compiles”) the script into a machine language and starts to work quickly.

7. Python

It is a high-level slots programming language. It has a general-purpose dynamic strict typing and automatic memory control. It is also aimed at increasing developer performance. Every day in the world you can find more and more python slot machines to try your luck.

C++ slot programming project

C++ slot programming project

Slot Machine Algorithm

Nowadays many users are looking for various slot hack programs without understanding the algorithms of these machines. The basis of any modern online slot machine is RNG (random number generator) that does not use any form of memory to determine when a number is generated. In modern online slot games, different tiles are randomly generated. Before starting to program slot game logic keep in mind that the majority of players are trying to develop their own strategies and tips on how to cheat slot games (examples are described in this article) so consider these “loopholes” to prevent the 100% winnings. All combinations of numbers are random and are generated separately. The original slot machines used metal reels filled with numbers instead of random number generators. And for winning combinations they were stopped by the magnetic braking system. This system randomly generated a stopping point for each reel. Modern online machines also lack built-in memory. Equally important, they can generate hundreds of numbers per minute. The algorithm for generating random numbers is independent of each video reel. It also develops a random part of the gameplay, such as a jackpot failure. Each online casino uses a so-called nominal list that gives the chances for each reel’s tile. To achieve a certain number of rotations at a time, each one is weighted during . A decrease in the number of tiles is the main factor in reducing the probability of winning.

Important Elements of Slot Game Development

There are some important and interesting things to learn about not only gamblers but also ordinary Internet users. They may be interested in key elements of game development.  It includes three basic parts: creative process, developing, and releasing.

  • 3D or CGI. What do they represent at the beginning of the development process? These are sketches and concept art. In the process of development, they are smoothly transformed into frames, as well as full-fledged design. A separate theme is created for each of the titles. Game characters are usually selected according to the theme. The artist draws characters, pops up messages, and creates an interface design.
  • Mechanics. The artist deals with the visual component while the mechanic of the slot creates a dynamic and efficient game process. Mechanics is a separate action stream for one round. Based on what mechanics is flow constructed? It is based on the default sequence of events. It is important to consider that additional actions and elements may also be included. It is also worth remembering the pokies that contain bonus games and features. In a sense, they even affect the outcome of the game.
  • Software. The main work in the processing of creating a new game falls on the shoulders of the software developer and coder. It is not a one-person process, but a recruitment exercise. Before developing this type of software, the developer selects the platform to use.
  • Programming languages. Multiple programming languages are used to develop slots. This is due to the differences between the three-game platforms.
  • Game engines are another point to look at. They are special environments and tools that are used for optimized and efficient development. The most popular are Unity and Unreal Engine. The best programs to create games are Corona, Fusion, Phaser, and Construct 3.

Is it Possible to Predict Winning at Slot Machines?

Many gamblers, especially newcomers, may wonder whether modern slot machines can predict a user’s winnings. You should choose exclusively licensed and regulated video pokies to be sure of their quality and reliability. These machines are always supervised by local gambling authorities. If you choose an online casino with all the necessary documentation within a transparent reach, you can also count on the integrity of the gaming apparatus. Important factors in the slots programming include RNG (random number generator), patterns, RTP.

  • RNG is the software code from which any modern virtual slot works. It guarantees you unpredictable and random winning combinations. No one, either the casino employee or the player, can influence its work. This is why you’ll never know what and where you’re going to be next. 
  • Patterns are another equally important factor. Sometimes gamblers can recognize patterns very well. However, in pokies, this does not help, as winning combinations are completely random and have no guarantee of repetition. 
  • RTP is the so-called rate of return to players. It’s what you’re likely to win in a slot machine. It’s calculated for hundreds and thousands of rotations. There is no 100% winning strategy, but there are tips that can help you through the game. It is worth looking at those slots that have a high level of RTP. Then you should study the rules and evaluate the possibility of using bonuses from the casino in it.
An Example of Control panel of Old Slot Machine Program

An Example of Control panel of Old Slot Machine Program

How to Program Slot Machine?

Experienced gamblers may wonder if the game can be developed on their own. This is possible, but before such a process can begin, you need to consider a variety of important factors about slots programming. You can begin from steps to start developing the slot, create and design. However, to do so from scratch, you will need a lot of effort and patience. But if you take advantage of convenient tools, the process will pass more fruitfully, faster, and more comfortably. It is important to study this area in order to understand how to program slot machines and their structure of actions and algorithms. First, you must set goals for yourself, outline the resources needed and come up with an implementation plan; research is key. It is proposed to consider the following key points that will tell you how to program a slot machine:

  •     functions,
  •     design,
  •     theme,
  •     plot,
  •     programming languages for development.

This step is very important because it helps to define the elements to be included in a future product. You can plan and design, collect all recorded data together and implement it. It is at this point that it is important to consider the chosen programming languages. We recommend Python, C++, and Java for site design. You’re chosen to design elements that must be easily adapted to game mechanics. It must accurately reflect appearance and sensation. You may also wonder how long it might take to develop and create a game slot. If you start doing this from scratch, this process can take months to years, so here’s the case from Robert Tails’ first slot machine project which is classic free slot 777 with 3 reels in the niche of free slot machines. There’s describes his own case of developing a free slot machine game as a newbie. Development depends on the mechanics of the game; create a work plan and adhere to it.

Popular Slots Terms and Definitions

There are certain words and meanings that are characteristic there. Likewise, slot gaming has a list that is appropriate for this particular area. The table contains popular words and phrases that you can find out if you delve into the game machine industry:

5 Reel It contains five reels in addition to three or four rows of symbols. It is important to note that 5 Reel has an RTP of about 95% with the best paytable values.
3 Reel  is a classical online slot with three rows of symbols. Among the most popular 3, Reel slots are Ultra Hot, Triple Diamond, Funky Monkey, and others.
Classic it is a certain vintage-style slot machine with minimal pay lines. They don’t have bonus features.
IGT is a game service provider of the modern gaming world, which was started in 1990. Among the best IGT games are Wheel of Fortune, Lobstermania, Monopoly, which you can easily find on popular websites.
Jackpots is the biggest prize that you can get in each game, which is paid out. Progressive Jackpots are very popular among players who prefer instant play with bonuses and free spins.
Microgaming  is the world-known game provider. Microgaming slots are very popular with Australian players who prefer Hot Shot, Bear Money, Game of Thrones, and more.
Payline  is the line that contains the winning combination.
Konami is a popular provider that ranks fourth among the leading video game producers in Japan. Absolutely everyone can instantly play Konami free slot games getting cash prizes. The availability on mobile and PC impresses gamers the most. If you’re curious, here’s the page with Konami free slots provider where you can easily try your luck.
Payout  is the amount won for landing a specific combination of symbols.
RNG  is a generator that gives you numbers in a random way. Such a program selects the combinations at a random way from all the possible sequences.
Pragmatic Play a renowned game developer that is available in many Canadian, Australian, and many other online casinos. Among the popular Pragmatic Plays are Wolf Gold, Gold Rush.
Playtech is one of the most popular mobile casino games providers available on various gadgets and devices. This is a cool feature to instant play with free spins without downloading and registration. Among the best Playtech slots are Buffalo Blitz, Irish Luck, King Kong, etc.

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