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Blogging used to be something that only the nerds did. Back in the day you had to know how to use HTML not only to your advantage, but also to create content that looks half-way decent. These days? These days becoming a blogger is easy, everyone knows it. WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium.com, just a few of the big publishers available for opening a blog at no cost.

Blogging to me is all about passion and the willingness to share information with others. It’s the journey towards earning peoples trust and recognition that I strive for. What is it that draws you closer to blogging?

Are you an individual, or a business owner that is looking to build authority for himself? Blogging is recommended especially for businesses that are looking to bring their products online. While the internet savvy already know a little bit about blogging, there are people who need help understanding it more.

Why is Blogging Good? Why You Should Start Blogging Now!

I would like to present to you, three good reasons why you should start blogging. At least considering it.

Become an Expert by Teaching & Learning

At the moment, my most favorite thing about blogging is creating content for others. It fulfills my need to help people learn new things that might some day be of use to them. Like You, the person reading this! :) By teaching others I also learn myself, I can grasp the depth of things and become very educated in whatever it is I blog about.

It’s the process itself, to share information with the world, it might not have the same sensations as writing with a real pen on a real piece of paper, but it’s pretty, pretty close.

Of course you also receive feedback, maybe not on everything that you publish, but occasionally someone will find your information useful and will be more than happy to leave feedback or share similar views with you. It’s quite uplifting actually.

As the time goes by, you should gain more exposure and eventually become the guy who knows a lot about whatever that he is blogging about. That will only happen if you are dedicated.

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Meet People Who Share the Same Interests

In real life, it might be difficult to find people who share similar interest to yours. This actually is often a reason why people turn to blogging, it gives them space and a community to support their ideas. The internet is huge, and there are millions of communities that are ready to hear your creative voice.

Socializing, interacting with other bloggers and community owners is all part of the process. You are bound to arrive at that stage at some point in your blogging career. Depending on what you blog about, there is also a lot of opportunity available. Being friendly and supportive always pays back in the blogging community.

A lot of communities that share the same interests often create real life meetups, which is another opportunity to meet new people and maybe even make new friends.

Positive Atmosphere

You can blog for yourself, of course, keeping an online diary is completely fine, but mostly everyone who starts blogging, more or less goes public with the whole world. And that is not a bad thing. Unless you are passionate about creeping up to people, you should be blogging about something that you love and enjoy.

There are many other people just like you, who enjoy either the same or close to that things. It’s the experiences you get from blogging, the memories and new things learned. The internet isn’t all that bad, and is actually very positive when you narrow it down to websites that don’t talk about news or celebrities.

Perhaps you were looking for inspiration to finally open a blog? All I can say is go ahead and start typing. Let me help you out by linking to three beautiful & free publishing platform straight away. Personally, I like WordPress.com a lot.

Free Blogging Platforms

Personal experiences? More to add? Would love to hear from you :)