Scarlet Nexus is the latest game released by Bandai Namco, and it is an action RPG. The game has an anime style, and it is visually appealing. It has a fun and creative gameplay, and also an interesting and well-written story. Before starting the story, you can choose to play with Yuito Sumeragi, and see the story through his perspective, or as Kasane Randall. And to fully understand the story, you must play and finish the game with the two characters.


In this world, humans developed a psionic gene, that granted people powers, and that changed how the world works. But that came with a cost, as at the same, the monster that is known as Others descended from the sky, and their only objective is to devour human brains. So as a way to fight back, the Other Suppression Force(OCF) was created, and the humans who were blessed with psionic powers, use them to fight against them. Players say that the game looks very similar to Genshin Impact in it’s design and gameplay. If you’re a big fan of Genshin but don’t have time to grind? Check out Genshin Impact accounts that let you experience the game at the fullest.

You can choose to play Kasane Randall, a young woman who controls knives with her psychokinesis power, or Yuito Sumeragi, a young man that wields a sword to battle. Both of them have psychokinesis power and use them in battle to use the environment to deal damage to their enemies. Both of them are in a squad, and through something called a brain link, can access their ally’s power, and use them to get an upper hand against their enemies. 

By deepening your relationship with your squad members, you will unlock new attributes when using their powers. To do that, you must talk to them when hanging around your hideout, and buying and giving gifts to them. You can also exchange messages with different kinds of characters, and participate in bond episodes, which is a short little episode that helps to further enhance the story, and also makes players get a closer look at who their character really is.

When fighting against the Others, you are not alone, as you can form a squad with two other people, and they will aid you in battle, not only by fighting alongside you but will also heal you if possible. Every Other has a specific weak point, and if you break it before depleting their health points, you are able to perform an execution to the enemy. But as you progress through the story, you will find out that the Others are not the only threat.

You are able to equip better weapons to each different character, and you can either buy them or exchange them for battle data that is acquired when defeating enemies. Different plug-ins can also be equipped, some of them enhance your attack power, health, defense, and can even give you certain status buffs. There are also cosmetics that you can equip to every character in your squad.


You can choose between following the story of either Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall. Both of them have different things happen to them, so to get a full grasp of the game story, you will need to play with the two of them. At a certain point, Kasane and Yuito somehow end up creating a gravitational anomaly, and somehow Kasane travels to the future alongside two of her squad members, Kyoka and Arashi. The three of you find yourself in the ruins of the city of New Himuka and wander around trying to discover what happened.

Without giving away the huge twist of the game, you will dig deeper into the story, and discover that the OSF hides some secrets from everyone and that one of their plans, is to transform humans into Others and use them as a weapon. So with Kasane, you will go through the story and try to prevent the hideous future you saw from happening, while with Yuito, you go on a journey to discover why his father was assassinated, and the secret of the Others.


The game has an amazing and beautiful art style, and the combat flows in a great way, and everything looks amazing. For fans of anime and even people who enjoyed the art style of games like Code Vein, you will absolutely enjoy the game art style, and be enticed by it. All characters and enemies’ design is really well done, and every single character is interesting and has a story of their own that you can find out the more you play.

All different locations are well done, and every populated feels extremely alive, and you can walk around it and talk with its residents, and some of them can even give you side quests. Although there isn’t much to explore, walking around the cities and all the different maps is beneficial, as there are collectibles you can find.

There are three difficulties that can be chosen before starting the game, easy mode, that is the perfect option for players who are new to the genre, normal mode is the perfect setting for most players, as fights can be kind of challenging, and some enemies can prove to be challenging. And for players who wish for a bigger challenge, there is a hard mode, and in it, you will have to play carefully, and buy and use healing items to be able to survive. It is not impossible, but it will prove to be challenging.


Scarlet Nexus is a fun game, and if you like games of its genre, you will like it. It has a fun and engaging combat, using your psychokinesis powers on the PS5 controller feels amazing. The graphics look amazing on the new-gen consoles, but if you weren’t lucky enough to get one of them, you can still play it on the PS4 and Xbox One, and even on PC. 

It can take around twenty-five hours to finish the game story, and if you are a completionist, it can take up to eighty hours, so that is a lot of content. So if you love to throw yourself into a game, Scarlet Nexus is a great choice for you and you can get it’s game key on Gamecamp.

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