The world is moving to the digital space and as a result, it is important to have a say in cyberspace. One way to get to cyberspace is through owning a website. WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems that can be used to develop and host websites within a very short period. A platform can work best when hosted on the best web hosting service provider. 

SiteGround is a popular web hosting service provider based in Bulgaria that has been offering web hosting services since 2004. It boasts of a large client base and years of experience in the market. Therefore, many consider it one of the best hosting options. 

If you have a WordPress site, you probably saw it listed as one of the recommended hosting providers. With the ever-increasing alternatives, the question then becomes, is SiteGround the best WordPress host in 2020? Here are factors that you need to consider when hosting your WordPress site in 2020 and if SiteGround is the best web host. 

1. SiteGround’s Recommendation 

One way to start using a given service or product is through referral. SiteGround has an official recommendation from WordPress as one of the best hosting sites. This might seem like any other marketing tool until you learn that WordPress has only recommended 3 web hosting providers all over the world. 

SiteGround is not only recommended by but also millions of users across the world. SiteGround Brazil Review outlines a comprehensive list of why users are using SiteGround for hosting WordPress sites. 

2. Ease of use and Integration with Apps and Plugins

WordPress is a platform that continues to grow every day. The platform consists of millions of themes and plugins that are used to provide unique features to WordPress websites easily. A hosting company needs to ensure that they always have updated versions of the themes and Plugins. This will ensure that the bugs are fixed, you get new features, and security holes patched. 

SiteGround offers an option of managed WordPress Hosting meaning they offer automatic updates. This is a convenient option whereby users get to have automatic updates saving them time. You will have peace of mind knowing all your updates are taken care of.  

The installation and use of WordPress on a given host are important to consider. SiteGround allows 1-click install meaning that you do not need a lot of knowledge on WordPress to install and host your website. 

3. Speed performance and Uptime 

The speed and performance of a WordPress website are dependent on the speed of the host. Siteground is a hosting company that prides itself on running state of the art infrastructure. This means that it has super-fast servers across multiple locations that are equipped with the latest SSD drives and software. 

They also offer free CDN and SSL certificates on sign up which increases performance and speed. They, however, have a limit on the storage offered and as a result, you will incur more cost on extra storage. 

Siteground also has fast load speeds and an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. This is important because it will ensure your WordPress website is always online.

4. Support Policy and Availability 

Siteground offers top-notch customer support that is available via live chat, ticket-based support, and phone call support that is available 24/7 throughout the year. As a host, the availability of support is crucial as it will help you solve any upcoming issues. The support team is made up of qualified personnel who provide technical help even on WordPress related issues. 

5. Backup and Security 

Siteground provides a backup feature that is integrated with WordPress allowing your website to be backed up regularly. It also has a list of plugins that are banned or discouraged and as a result, help protect your website from malicious plugins.


There are more than enough web hosting providers in the world. This means that when you decide to host your website you need to go with the best host. In my opinion, SiteGround is still the best to host your WordPress site in 2020. The advantages and disadvantages of SiteGround have been looked into and I can confidently support the idea that it is the best host in 2020. So why don’t you start out hosting your WordPress site on SiteGround?