Email tracking is a major point for every successful business. You have to understand who opens your emails and who skips them. This knowledge is incredibly helpful as it can raise your sales in no time. Email tracking tools differ depending on a particular system. If you need email tracking for Gmail, you have to learn where to find it. Read this article to get all the instruments you need.

Why Tracking Matters

No matter whether you are waiting for an important response from your colleagues or friends, information on whether your letter has been opened or not is very useful. This data is meaningful since it can help to:

  • Make your subject lines more luring;
  • Improve your whole marketing plan;
  • Attract a bigger audience with emails valuable for them;
  • Earn the attention of the previously inactive subscribers or clean your lists.

Top Instruments for Email Tracking

These handy tools reveal valuable information about the letter that is being sent, including the time it was opened and even how many times your receiver has read it. This knowledge is vital for building a successful marketing strategy. Find out the average time when the emails are opened so that next time you can make emails more visible for receivers sending them on schedule. Consider the following instruments you might need:

  • Revenue Grid. This software helps to track emails for Outlook and Gmail. There is a free trial period. Once the email is opened, you receive the notification;
  • Right Inbox. This tool works for the Gmail mailing service. It has a limited free trial period after which you have to decide whether you need it or not. It is a native Google Chrome instrument that allows you to find out when the letter was read and how many times it has been opened. It offers an email reminders feature;
  • Mailtrack. This program works with Gmail and has a free trial period. You can use it as a Google Chrome extension. Moreover, it works on your mobile device. The tool has detailed information on the opened emails you’ve sent;
  • SalesHandy. It works with Outlook and Gmail. There is an unlimited free-of-charge basic package for Gmail and a $9 price for Outlook. This service sends you a notification once your email is opened. Apart from that, you can save the templates of the standard emails you need;
  • MailTag. It works with Gmail as a paid feature. You have to pay $10 per month to use the services. In return, you receive real-time notifications and follow-up emails options. You can check the open rates of your activity;
  • MailTracker. It was created by Hunter for tracking Gmail emails’. This software is free of charge. To use its services, you have to install the program on your device. Once you do it, you begin to receive the stats on your emails, including the time when the emails are opened, the frequency, and the devices people read them on;
  • HubSpot. It has both free and paid plans. Free services also include basic mail tracking features. It tracks the time when emails are opened and uploads the data to the CRM;
  • AtomPark Software. This is a simple service that works online, helping to maximize the effectiveness of your emails. It analyzes your activity and checks out active subscribers by IP address and even by location, the time they open your email, the links they click, and the devices they use to do it.

Advanced Email Tracking

The right marketing strategy can boost your sales and improve your reputation among the customers. The tools from the list can help you achieve positive results. You can check all of them before you find the one that meets all your demands. The proper email tracking instrument will allow you to become better at your business and reach success.

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