SprintHub – Agile Layer for your GitHub Repositories

I love projects like this one, these guys have been developing their app under the radar for a while now, but it looks like the website is now fully functional, as far as the introductory information goes.

The last time I properly mentioned GitHub, was my project management tools post, in which I discussed some of the most popular tools that development teams can use in order to better their daily workflow, and work lives in general.

SprintHub is here to help you keep your GitHub workflow agile and lean, by offering a way of organizing and arranging your repositories in kanban boards. You can build your own custom projects, and presumably share them with your co-workers as well. It’s still in its very early development stages.

SprintHub for GitHub

SprintHub provides additional features to complete the agile workflow like prioritising milestones (considered as stories) and stacking them as epics. It works seamlessly with GitHub. It’s your repository seen from a different angle. No setup required, just login with GitHub and choose a repository.

The platform reads the issue and milestone status in your repository and interprets them in an agile way, organizing them in commonly known structures like kanban and the scrum backlog.

Currently, you can only signup for a newsletter, but I’m hoping that one of the developers will be able to elaborate more in the comment section, perhaps provide us with a better context on the future of this app, and how well the development has been going on for now.