Is it even possible to find the perfect CEO? I mean, what are the chances that people themselves understand that there are no perfect persons in this world, and that a lot of the times – while excelling at one thing, the CEO can be really bad at another, which in one way or another affects the way business is being done.

Life for CEO’s is not only harder, and tougher that most of us can imagine, it’s also emotionally difficult to run a company and always be on top of things. A CEO is most likely to have a family, children to take care off, and sometimes – no doubt – work can feel like having two families at the same time, both in need for a mentor to help them grow, and feel loved.

Satya has been the new Microsoft CEO for a little while now, and I can only dream of what he’s feeling, and how he is trying to cope with the new job for the first couple of months.

This infographic goes over some of the statistics that show us how CEO’s are being incarnated in their positions, and how much they’re able to earn based on their experience and the value of the company. It also shows some of the top CEO talent in Europe, and how countries choose their CEOs when the time is right.

Finding the Perfect CEO (Chief Executive Officer) [INFOGRAPHIC]

source by ceo-worldwide