In 2014 the VMCE certification was launched by Veeam which verify candidate’s skills and experience to show an extensive range of tasks with Veeam solutions. This certification demonstrates that you own the high level of expertise in technical issues, troubleshoot, compose and implement Veeam products. The Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification fills you with the complete and deep technical information on Veeam solutions. This certification articulated that the certification holder keeps the necessitated level of knowledge to administrate, configure and deploy accurately Veeam solutions. It is a best speculation for an IT professional because with this certification he can reduce operating costs, boost productivity, attain industry recognition and launch personal career advancement.

Veeam VMCE2021 Course Details:

The applicant is required to pass the VMCE certification exam for becoming a VMCE certified. For completing the VMCE certification process, Configuration and Management course is compulsory for the experienced IT professionals. This is the course which gives you a strong understanding of servers and networking, virtualization, and concentrates on configuring, storage, managing and handling Veeam solutions. Another most required course is the VMCE Advanced Design and Optimization training, which enhances your skills about size correction, optimize, design, automate, scope and troubleshoot a deployment of the Veeam Availability Suite. This course also focuses on compliance issues, audit criteria and security issues.

The VMCE certification is specifically designed for the solution architects, system engineers, consultants, backup and virtualization admins, and for those IT professionals who are practicing Veeam solutions. Before taking the course, the candidate must know the concepts of recovery principles, backup and virtualization. 

Veeam VMCE2021 Exam Details:

Today, in the IT industry one of the renowned exams is The Veeam Certified Engineer VMCE2021 certification. To gain high position and good reputation in the IT industry many applicants appear to take the VMCE2021 exam. Though achieving this certification brings lot of benefits with it but this exam is not easy to pass. This exam is industry-based and is equivalent to most of the other industry-based certifications. You cannot pass the test by only going through the documentation or its question answers. Maybe you have to take the test multiple time if you don’t succeed in it. The exam is difficult that’s why they have increased chances of retaking the exam. This action from them also indicates that how difficult this exam is.

The VMCE2021 exam is proctored and the applicant has to complete the test in seventy-five minutes. The exam consists of 50 multiple response item questions or multiple-choice questions. The exam is presented in this way that you are asked a question and you have to choose two best answers out of three options. To achieve VMCE credentials you have to secure 70% marks in the VMCE2021 exam. This exam has various different versions, so if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt and decide to take the exam again then you will see entirely different exam in front of you.  If you have already achieved VMCE 2020 certification, then you are ready to upgrade your certification by taking the new exam. This exam is available in English only, but if you’re testing in a non-local language, you may take an additional 30 minutes to complete it.

A precious testimony of your intelligence is Veeam certification and it is necessary for you to keep it with you. Through re-certification of your main Veeam solutions you can achieve it. As a VMCE, after releasing the certification it can be upgraded within 120 days and for this purpose you have to take the advanced course and clear the exam equal to that course. You will be allotted 90 days’ time if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, in this way for finishing the full course and passing the final exam you can make a second attempt. Still if you face the failure in your second attempt again your certification will be dismissed. 

How to Prepare VMCE2021 Exam:

Practice makes a man perfect is the phrase that is perfectly suitable for VMCE2021 exam preparation. Before appearing in the final exam, it is much important for the applicant to practice the mock exams or practice tests. These practice tests along with complete study guide are available on different websites. Among all these websites is providing most authentic and valuable study guide including detailed VMCE2021 Exam Questions Answers and practice tests. These practice tests not only boost the confidence of the candidates but also help them to overcome their mistakes. By attempting these practice tests the candidate experience the similar version of the actual exam and in this way, he better understands how to tackle with the difficulty of the questions.

Advantages of VMCE2021 Certification:

A Veeam Certified Engineer gets all the advantages from the VMCE community, for example he is allowed to show his certification to other IT professionals to prove his success in the field of Veeam where he can provide his services towards virtualization technologies. You will be permitted to use your Veeam Certified Engineer logo publicly because now you have the ability to solve the critical onsite issues.

VMCE2021 certification proposes many benefits by boosting security and productivity, which improves the business’s return on investment and lessens operating costs. This certification is basically enhanced the candidates understanding of how he is expected for implementing Veeam solutions. VMCE domain provides many benefits to the Veeam professionals. After becoming the Veeam Certified Engineer, it becomes quite easy for you to solve and categorize virtualization issues accurately, from Veeam solutions you can take more functionality, with the highest level of Veeam technological certification you can get the professional benefits, you can use publicly the Veeam Certified Engineer logo and for the related onsite problems you can openly access help.


VMCE certification wins you a guaranteed recognition in the IT industry. This certification opens the door for you to achieve high-level certifications such as VASP (Veeam Accredited Service Partner). By showing your VMCE certification to other IT professionals you can advance your career towards technology and virtualization.

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