Every important IT-related exam is always a challenge for any student. As expected, the Microsoft 70-697 test is also not an easy one to pass owing to its importance and popularity in the IT sector. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pass it with flying colors. After all, many people take and pass this exam every year and you can as well. All you need to do is to prepare thoroughly for this certification test, and you will easily achieve a high score.

Configuring Windows Devices: Configuring Windows Devices was a very important exam in the IT industry. By passing this test, the candidates earned the MCSA: Windows 10 certification. This credential was very important to them as the IT experts as it validated that the holder had advanced skills and knowledge of the latest version of Windows. But now this exam is retired. But we have created a preparation guide to help you explore Microsoft 70-697 to find out the structure and content of other tests from this vendor. Read on to find some useful tips for your preparation process.

Useful preparation tips

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Preparing for Microsoft 70-697 doesn’t have to be a task that scares the candidates away. If you know what materials to use, where to get them, and how to use them, then passing any test can turn out to be a walkover exercise. Examsnap helps hundreds of students every year to pass their Microsoft exams in many ways. It offers not only the best preparation tools but also presents the relevant courses and videos to those individuals who are learning for their tests.

In this article, Examsnap highlights some exam preparation tips that will help you pass any Microsoft test at your first attempt. Check them out!

1. Go through the syllabus

The first step towards successful exam preparation is to go through the entire syllabus and learn what it entails. From the syllabus, you will get the objectives of the test, and this will help you know how to study for the exam as you will have known from which areas the questions will come.

2. Read the exam objectives carefully

The Microsoft exam questions are based on the objectives. Read all the exam objectives and let them guide you in your preparation. Take note of the weight given to each objective and give each of them the amount of time they deserve.

3. Have a study plan and stick to it

After going through the syllabus and the objectives, the next step is to prepare a study plan that is suitable for your schedule and unique study needs. Your blueprint should outline what topics to cover and how you are going to learn them. Be sure to stick to your study plan to get the most out of it.

4. Use the best Microsoft preparation materials

Exam preparation materials can only help you pass your certification test if they are comprehensive, updated, and relevant. Don’t just use everything that you come across. Instead, verify the source and confirm if it is a trusted one. Nothing will hurt you like spending a lot of your time using a prep tool that turns out not to be helpful at all in the end.

5. Take a Microsoft instructor-led course

If you have no experience with Windows 10 and you want to pass the exam, taking an instructor-led training course would be your best option as opposed to opting for self-study. This will give you a chance to get hands-on experience, and you will receive some instructions directly from the industry experts who have already taken this certification test and passed it with a maximum score. The tutors will also give you some study tips and helpful exam taking hacks that will assist you in achieving success in your Microsoft exam. Taking any instructor-led training is the way to make sure that you cover all the topics and the entire content that is enough to receive your credential in the field.

6. Take Microsoft practice tests

If you ask anyone who has ever taken any IT certification exam, they will tell you that practice tests are literally the best tool to prepare. It is the perfect way to do the same types of questions you will face in the actual exam. Practice tests cover all the topics that may include the real exam. They will help you have a clear idea of what exactly you should study.

Examsnap is the official and the most reputable provider of Microsoft practice tests. They are comprehensive, updated, and verified. They come with well-explained answers that are written in a simple language that anyone can understand. These practice tests give you immediate feedback. They draw attention to any weakness you may have and the areas you still need to focus on.

7. Practice with a trial version

The most effective way to practice and implement your knowledge of Windows 10 is to download a trial version of Windows 10 Enterprise. Combined with a great revision guide, you will be able to go through every exam topic and learn to manage every feature of Windows 10. Doing so is a perfect way to make your learning more effective and real.

Where can you get exam preparation materials?


Examsnap is the most popular provider of Microsoft certification exam materials. You can find practice tests and exam dumps, video tutorials, practice questions, and courses, Examsnap has it all. This is the best platform for the most extensive preparation resources for Microsoft tests, including Microsoft 70-697.


The above-mentioned tips should help you pass your Microsoft exam with flying numbers on your firsttry. Take advantage of different preparation resources offered by Examsnap and you will easily get a high score in your forthcoming test. Good luck!