If you decide that the world is a place without justice, a place where the people are oppressed by the powerful, and a place where you need to rise and make a difference… you can either become a superhero or a lawyer. But starting your own legal firm is going to be much easier and probably a lot less dangerous. 

If you decide that 2022 is the year where you need to start your own legal firm, then you need to understand the pros and cons of having your own legal firm.

The Pros of Starting Your Own Legal Firm

You Can Take On The Projects That You Want

After your law firm gets built up, then you can pick and choose what clients you want to have, so if you are very interested in certain types of law, then you can focus on those specific areas, or you can choose to take on specific cases as well. Unlike being at a law firm that specializes in a certain field, such as one that only takes on white collar crime. You will be assigned cases that solely deal with white collar crime, and if that isn’t your passion it can get very boring very quickly.

A Low Startup Cost

You don’t need a massive office, three employees, and a lot of things saved up in order to start your own legal firm. A lot of the tasks of a firm can be done from your own home, with options from technology and the cloud making costs go down, to the point where you only need a couple thousand dollars to really get started.

Being Your Own Boss Means Freedom

While you will be working longer hours than ever, because you are doing most of the work of a large law firm yourself, you can have more wiggle room when you work. You will be able to choose the hours of your law firm, and in some cases, you might even be able to pick where you work so you won’t have to go into the office every single day. 

Especially whenever you can delegate the tasks to others, especially if you are using OnTheMap’s law firm marketing guide to find some extra help. 

The Cons of Starting Your Own Legal Firm

You’ll Miss Out On Being Around Others

One of the biggest benefits of working at a legal firm is meeting other lawyers and those in your field, and these are relationships that could serve you well in the future. 

Not only will you meet people who are working just like you are, and also people that you can learn from, but you are also able to work with lawyers who are more experienced than you as well. While you can seek out mentors and friends who are in the legal field, it’s often more work for you instead of discovering them naturally at a big legal firm.

You Need To Do Everything Yourself

If you are the name and face of your law firm, then you need to do all the work yourself, from marketing to preparing cases to appearing in court. Additionally, as your legal firm grows you need to reach out and hire more staff. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes easy, but until then all the work can be very overwhelming.

If you have problems with marketing and selling yourself, then you need to ensure that you can market your new legal firm before you get started. Once you have a solid marketing plan and some clients, then you can watch your legal firm grow!

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