With the internet giving ground to new affordable and effective marketing methods, most organizations are now shifting their campaigns online. Just like any other business, having a website is very important for a law firm. However, how these websites are used determines their efficiency. For a law firm, local SEO is one of the factors that can help increase a website’s efficiency. 

Effective use of local SEO is beneficial for any law firm, as it will help your law firm rank higher in organic search. 

Capitalize on Google My Business (GMB)

Perhaps, this is the most reliable method for your law firm to establish a solid online presence. It also helps your law firm appear more frequently in organic searches. It is important to optimize your law firm’s GMB listing because it ensures presence in google search results. Failure to optimize your GMB will significantly affect your site’s visibility not only on google maps but also google local searches. 

Over the years, Google’s proprietary tool has gone through several adaptations. Its current version is by far the most robust and has many features. Customizing, claiming, and updating your GMB can have a significant impact on how potential clients perceive your law firm. 

There is a specific set of categories that Google uses to determine the local rankings for law firms:


The prominence of a law firm is determined by its overall performance. Several factors are considered when it comes to assessing the prominence of a law firm. These factors include the total number of published articles on other sites, the authority of its backlinks, ratings received, and the number of reviews, among others. 


Google considers the proximity of your business to the searcher. This is meant to ensure that only nearby law firms appear in the search results. To do this, Google tracks your business’s IP address and other related factors that help locate your business. A google search like a “personal injury lawyer in Savannah, Georgia,” will only show law firms in that region. This is why it is important to implement local SEO on your law firm’s website.


The search query entered must have relevance to your GMB listing for your business to appear in search results. Luckily, there exists several ways of ensuring that your firm’s local listing is as relevant as possible for search queries. This can be done by choosing the right GMB primary category and further adding any other relevant categories. For example, you can choose “personal injury attorney” or “divorce lawyer.” 

Ensure Your Site Ranks Locally

Potential clients search for law firms using relevant keywords. It is important that your law firm appears in search results when people are looking for legal services similar to the ones you offer. To ensure that your law firm ranks locally, optimize web pages before starting a local SEO campaign

Actively Manage Online Reputation

For any business, reviews are crucial. They can make or break your law firm’s online presence. Getting the best ranking on search engines will not be highly productive if you don’t have good reviews. Ensure that your law firm has good reviews to back up your ranking. Failure to do that, you will have very few visitors, let alone conversions. 

Offer an Outstanding Mobile User Experience

According to google search analytics, most searches are done on mobile devices. Most of your potential clients use mobile devices to search for legal information, and, in most cases, book appointments. Your law firm will not rank well if the site is not mobile optimized. Make sure it can easily be accessed on mobile devices because that’s where you are more likely to get clients.

Take Advantage of Local SEO Strategies

It can be challenging for your law firm to rank on google, especially when you don’t have effective local SEO strategies. Thankfully, the strategies discussed in this article will go a long way in ranking your law firm higher in search results.

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