Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Promoting Your Android Apps

It’s incredible to think about the fact that Android and iOS combined are ruling a whopping 96% of the total mobile market share, that’s just astonishing and it will certainly be interesting to watch this market develop and expand as new mobile operating systems are making their way up the ladder.

Everywhere you look there is high-tech releases for the Android system, some of which include a great looking smartwatch, as well as an Android gaming console by Nvidia that’s both extremely cool and reasonably priced.

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Tech aside, what are the odds that your Android apps are going to hit the market the way you’d hope they would? Every day there is a growing list of apps being released into the Google Play Store, and not all of them get the amount of attention they deserve. Is there a way to increase your chances? Luckily, there is!

1. Aim for a Unique Approach to Building Games and Apps

The day people realized how profitable and famous Flappy Bird was to the mobile gaming industry, hundreds upon hundreds of apps of similar nature started to enter the market. And what was the point of that if the original was still there? Everyone tries to chase the same fly, but it really isn’t necessary. If you can pull-off being unique in a particular area of development, chances are that people will take you far more seriously than just having you submit stuff that’s been built tens of times over.

2. The Icon of Your App

It’s more than just a way of people knowing that they’re going to open your application or game, the app icon is a very big opportunity of making the right decisions on behalf of your users. Browse through the app store for a little while and compare some of the best applications with some of the worse, and pay close attention to detail for the app icons that they’re using. You’ll see clear evidence that a well-designed icon can have a huge impact on the way you and others perceive the application.

3. Free, Freemium or Paid?

If you do a little bit of research, you might actually find some surprising facts – such as that launching your app for free can yield a lot more revenue than if you launched the app as a paid one, because a free application usually means that you can make business through in-app purchases, etc,. etc,. Whereas a free app will also allow you to introduce the app to a bigger audience, rather than relying purely on snapshots and descriptions.

4. Create a Preview Video of Your App

Whether you’re going the free or paid route, a preview (demo) video can be a really good way to introduce people to your app without having them to purchase it. The most important thing to remember is that you should try and cover all the important areas of the application, and really outline what it can do for the customer.

5. Get Feedback (Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Beta Testers)

There are a ton of ways to get valuable feedback for the apps that you build, and you should definitely do your best to gather up some constructive testimonials as well as feedback in general. Not only will it help you to iron out bugs, it will give you a broader idea of how well your app is performing and what could be improved in a general sense. Plus, it gives the verification necessary for your other customers.

6. Get Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)

Your customers are everywhere, especially when you’re starting out. These days, major social networks also allow direct advertising options that would allow people to install your application within a single click of a button, you can sometimes snatch up new customers for pennies at a time.

7. Get a Website

The last tip is to go and get a proper website set up for yourself. You won’t always get clients and customers directly from the app store, and if you can manage to do things like get involved with open-source and begin to publish tutorials and insights on Android development, you’re guaranteed to make both business friends, and new customers; for as long as you keep the site alive!

Tips & Tricks for Promoting Your Android Apps

As you can see, it’s not all that difficult. The most difficult part is accepting that free marketing is also marketing, and that spending a lot of dollars on promoting your application isn’t always the best way of brining about new leads. Take it easy and see what the following methods we discussed can do for you and your app business.