In order to make the most out of Google Adwords, one needs to be not only knowledgeable about the tools, but also about the target users.

Let’s get started with the Profitable Google Adword Campaigns Tips to Increase Your Success.

Learn Everything from Google

Google is your friend, especially when it comes to the education that they provide for their tools. In other words, there are no better tutorials than the ones provided by the biggest search engine. They will help you with every single detail when it comes to AdWords. Even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to online marketing, you can still start by learning the basics and slowly building towards more complex stuff. Adwords video tutorials are rather interesting and Google has put a lot of effort into making them.

Research Your Target Audience

What many new users of Google Adwords fail to see is that they are not reaching potential customers properly. Before starting a campaign, one needs to truly know the audience and that can be achieved through research.

It is often required not only to know what your target audience searches for, but also to know their behavior. This will be a good start that will open up many different approaches to creating a campaign. By knowing your audience, you will have an easier job focusing on that target group via Adwords and you will be one step ahead since you know their behavior as well.

Research The Competition

One way to create a better campaign is to carefully analyze the campaigns that others create. If there is a company that is very successful in your industry, try retracing their steps to figure out how they conduct their campaigns. If you are an inexperienced Adwords user, it is always a good idea to try and replicate their campaigns to whichever extent possible. Of course, you will probably not have as much success as every brand is different and every company requires a somewhat unique approach to Adwords campaigns.

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But, they need not be in the same industry as you. In fact, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the big brands such as Coca-Cola or Apple and see how they create campaigns. It is usually them who come up with groundbreaking techniques and find innovative ways to reach their future customers. Once you start to understand Adwords more thoroughly, you will start noticing the details in these campaigns that, as it turns out, will be the crucial bit for the campaign to succeed.

Keep Your Keywords Related

Keywords are an integral part of almost every campaign that is created by Google Adwords. Therefore, it is important to keep them closely related to your brand and not insert random keywords that do not have close a connection to your brand.

But how will you know that the keyword is closely related to your brand? Well, this also takes research. First of all, try to put yourself in a position of a person who wants to buy your product – what would you search on Google? What kind of question would you ask?

One-Word Keyword or Long Tail Keywords? Which one is the best?

Keywords can have one or more words. Some of the strategies even suggest that you go with long-tail keywords in order to make your campaign more effective. The truth is, however, that there is no ultimate strategy that will work 100% on all brands. It is up to you to find the strategy that works best when choosing the keywords and successfully implement them in your campaign.

Always Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords have a simple role – not to show your ads to someone who searches using the keyword or the keyword phrase that you listed as negative. Negative keywords exist mainly to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and to narrow the target audience even more.

What many people fail to recognize is that negative keywords are just as important for campaigns as the “positive” ones. Therefore, make a selection of the negative keywords and start adding them to your campaign settings.

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Structure Your Account According to The Keyword Themes

Once you create your first campaign, everything is going to look all nice and clean. There will be just a couple of keywords revolving around one theme. However, things can get really messy if you do not structure your account properly and you could easily lose track of your keywords with an unstructured data. This is the exact reason why it is important to think about the structure of your campaign as soon as you start – it will help you later a lot.

Do Not Focus Only on One Metric

New users of Adwords often make calculations only by focusing on one metric. However, Adwords is much more than that and all aspects should be taken into account when the maths needs to be done. The most important metrics that you should pay attention to every day are Cost Per Conversion, Click Through Ratio (CRT), Quality Score (QS), Cost Per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CR). Once all of these things have been considered, you can decide what to do next with your campaign.

SEO metrics

Mobile Is The Future
Adding a mobile strategy into your campaign is not just a good idea nowadays, it is a must. Although desktop users are still in a short lead when it comes to the amount, mobile is expected to become #1 platform very soon, and this means that you should pay attention to organizing your campaigns to suit mobile more than to suit desktop computers.


These were a few tips that will make your campaign profitable. Sadly, there is no universal step-by-step solution for how to make a great Adwords campaign as every campaign is different and unique. However, if you take these pieces of advice into account, you will certainly be off to a good start and have some success with using this marvelous tool made by Google.