In today’s digital world, no one can underestimate the life of Digital Nomads. They have freedom of so many things, people usually crave for. Be it scheduling their own time, projects or tasks, they are free to do anything. No matter where you are traveling you can turn any place in a workstation. However, living a digital nomad life is not as easy, as it seems. It takes focus and dedication to support such life. In this post, we are going to highlight 15 such popular Digital Nomad tools.

Let’s dive into the following Digital Nomad tools those are really beneficial these days.

1. Skype

This is a tool that makes communication verbally as well as face to face easier all across the world. This tool provides voice all, video and chat services across the world. It is a great tool for small teams. If you like to record the voice, then you can use an add-on feature like ecamm’s call recorder.

2. Slack

This is another chat tool useful for those who are a part of the remote team. Whether you are an independent professional or solo freelancer, this is the right communication tool available. Compared to email, it is much faster and provides transparency between different teams and clients. Regardless of your company size, this is a perfect tool to go with.

3. Project Management System

This is the must-have tool a digital nomad needs. The project management system is to keep track of diverse clients, deadlines, projects, and to-dos. The cloud-based PMS allows you to access from any device. Some of the popular PMS tools are Basecamp, Evernote, Trello, and Asana. The right project management tool keeps your business on-track and organized.

4. Trello

This is also a popular project management tool for Nomads. It allows you to collaborate with the remote team members via cloud. It has a plethora of features like color coding, tagging and drag-and-drop features. It is also useful for teams that use editorial calendars to keep a check of the employees for their responsibilities.

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5. Parabol

This software was designed for keeping remote meetings into consideration. It allows remote team members to meet up socially, check their progress and transform a meeting agenda and then move into next step. This is one of the best tools designed to make remote meetings easier including the involvement of all members.

6. Timetracker

This tool allows nomads to keep track of their working time. It helps them to know the amount of time one spent on different projects so that fees can be managed accordingly. Nomads can get easy time to track products for devices, computer, and phones.

7. Nomad List

This is a global directory that provides information on the best cities to live and work remotely for digital nomads. This platform serves more than 10,000 nomads, cities, and cover areas like health, tidiness, nightlife, and area. This global directory is quite useful for digital nomads and helps them in many ways.

8. Pockets

Whether you are looking for an efficient tool to manage your social media accounts, curate content or only need to bookmark any interesting content, Pockets got you covered. These amazing platforms make it easier for nomads to manage everything. You can save the blog posts or content to be read later on from your internet-enabled devices.

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9. Google Docs

This is something every digital nomad simply adore. It is the great option for nomads to manage their writing pieces and projects. Everything is saved here automatically and you can operate it from any computer device. The nomad can create professional documents with the beautiful themes available.

10. Shift

Having a remote team is not a hassle, but communication is. To make communication easier, and to eliminate time zones, Shift is the right tool for a digital nomad. It allows the user to interact with the others in more than one-time zone. It also offers call invitations that can be sent within the app and others will receive an email with the needed information.

11. Bucketlistely4.0

The idea of this tool is simple. It allows the digital nomad to create a bucket list, and keep the track of the goals he/she needs to achieve. The main aim is to create a community of travelers who can discuss and share their knowledge and life lessons. The application comes with powerful tools enable to manage all goals while keeping everything simple and attractive.

12. Google Translate

Language barriers are the most common problems, digital nomads experiences. Luckily, Google Translate is a rescuer. It helps you overcome the language barrier by translating short sentences, phrases or even words without the Internet connection. It allows you to download 50 languages and then access them offline.

13. DropBox

This is a cloud storage service that enables the nomad to store and access the files anytime and anywhere without getting scared of losing it. It is a great option to secure files without the hassle of uploading and downloading it. You just need to send the link to others and they can see the files anywhere in the world.

14. Google Hangouts

This amazing tool can help you to execute video conference call up to 10 individuals free of cost. It can be easily managed from the mobile phones and you can also link numerous phone numbers with it.

15. Trail Wallet

This wallet assists you organize the budget and the daily expenses. The summary screen of this tool gives you a budget overview and let you know how much you have spent. It adds amounts of 218 countries currencies saving you with the worries of converting them back.

To sum up

A nomad spends sufficient time on the screen. However, you should always remember to explore the best possibilities available. The above-mentioned tools not only help you to manage the tasks but also enable you to enjoy your life fuller. You can use any of the above tools to save your time and increase your productivity.