Free Coding Editors

Coding editors are essential for the daily website development process. They are viewed as a resource you cannot do without as their purpose is to increase your work efficiency. With a great editor, you can code faster, find syntax errors and do so much more to aid your website’s development. You can make changes to your code easily if you are using a good coding editor. Code editors are moldedover the years but there are those that have stayed strong and improved over time in order to give best of services to their users. Here are the best you can consider using today, which are absolutely free:

1. PSPad

This is a free code editor as well as a source editor that is meant for programmers. It is free for use on Windows. It can work with plain text and it creates web pages for you. It is the best choice if you want to use a good IDE for their compiler.

2. Aptana studio

Aptana Studio
This one is absolutely free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is a complete web development environment which uses a combination of very powerful authoring tools for HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It also has many additional plugins that have been created by the community. It is a unified editing tool for web applications.

3. Programmer’s Notepad

Programmer Notepad
This is an open source editor that is meant for users who work with source code. It has great features which include code folding or outlining, docking tool windows, Bookmarks, both numbered and plain, file association manager among others.

4. Notepad++

This one is absolutely free for Windows. It offers support for several languages. Some of its powerful features include auto-completion, user defined syntax highlighting, dynamic position of views, multi-document support among others.

5. HTML Kit

This is a great text editor for Microsoft Windows. It is full-featured and it is designed for editing, formatting, validating, previewing and also publishing web pages in HTML, XHTML and XML languages. It allows code folding, it has several uploading options, and you can navigate tags and scripts with it among other things.

6. SlickEdit

Slick Kit
This is also free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is a very good multiplatform and Multilanguage code editor which gives its users the ability to create, modify, navigate, build and also debug code very fast and accurately. It can edit files up to 2GB.

7. Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor
This is a very professional source code editor for Windows. It is small in size and also very fast in loading time. You can edit multiple documents with it, and it offers syntax highlighting among its other great features.


This is a very useful web development environment for Linux developers. Its main usefulness is to increase the productivity for developers whenever they are constructing a website. This tool will give you a quick access to some of the features that are needed so much.

9. EditPlus

This is a very good text editor, HTML editor, Java editor as well as PHP editor. It is meant for Windows. It has great and powerful features for web programmers and web authors.

10. Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDE
This is a code-centric IDE that focuses on the productivity of the developer. This tool understands your code very well, and it comes with a set of tools that are very powerful, without interfering with your workflow or the structure of your project.

11. EmEditor

A very light weight, but extensible text editor that is only available for free on its trial version for Windows. It was initially developed for Windows XP but it is also certified for use with Windows Vista.

12. TextMate

TextMate gives you the ability to search and replace in a project as well as auto pairing of brackets and other characters. It has great features that can help you complete words from a current document among other things.

13. skEdit

This is a very useful code editor for Mac OS X that is meant for web designers and programmers. Among its great features include tabbed interface, code folding, code hinting and completion, project based site management and so on.

14. jEdit

This coding editor is free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is a very mature code editor that comes with numerous plugins that you can use for your development process. It has a macro-language that is inbuilt and it can support a large number of character encodings, which includes Unicode and UTF8.

15. BBEdit

It is a perfect choice for web developers who want to accomplish all their tasks quickly and easily. It has great features which offer text handling, programming, and web development, file handling, display among other things.

16. Atom

This is an amazing free open source text and source code editor. It works well with a range of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOs.

17. Coda

This is a very useful code editor for Mac OS X. There is a free version as well as a commercial version. It comes with great plugins for web developers, it opens very quickly, it is smart in spelling and it can easily find across files.

18. TextWrangler

Text Wrangler
This is a Mac-only program. It supports just one language though it is a very powerful general purpose text editor. It has great features for web developers to make their development easy and quick.

19. CSSEdit

CSS Edit
This is the code editor that will help you design very beautiful, innovative websites that can load fast. The app itself is beautiful, innovative and fast. It gives you an intuitive approach to be able to style sheets and it comes with powerful previewing features which will help you deliver amazing and standard sites in no time at all.

20. SubEthaEdit

Sub Etha Edit
This is a very good and easy to use text editor. It is the best collaborative text editor you will love to use. This is the editor to use in order to make your working together possible and of great fun.

A good choice of code editor should always be made depending on your needs and the projects you are working on. Web developers need these editors in order to work faster and more efficiently, and these are the best ones to choose from.