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With more than a billion active users, Google Chrome is considered as the largest browser currently on the internet. Even for Mac users, Google Chrome has been the prime choice for a long time now. One of many great features of Google Chrome aretheir extension services that are either free or extremely cheap.

The extension services will allow anyone, especially search engine optimizers to get the most benefit out of Google. There are chrome extensions for literally everything and in this article, we will look at 11 best Google Chrome extensions that you should have installed on your PC if you consider yourself an SEO guy.
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1. Evernote Clipper

The first one that we have on our list is the Evernote Web Clipper also known as the Evernote Clipper. This extension does exactly what it says. It is a note taking extension which will stay at the top right section of your website and you can take notes with it all day.

The best part about this one is that you can directly add websites and you can also add images in it. It doesn’t always have to be you writing something on the notepad with this one.

2. Pocket

You probably have already heard about Pocket as a mobile application. Their android application is more popular than the chrome extension but they both perform brilliantly. It is a better way of bookmarking links on your browser. You may ask that why would you need to bookmark something using Pocket when you already have the default bookmark option.

The answer is that when you use Pocket, you don’t need internet so you can read the bookmarked articles anytime, anywhere.

3. Google Analytics URL Builder

As search engine optimizers, we have to look at our daily metrics on a regular basis. Metrics like how many people are visiting the site, the pages they are visiting, the duration of their stay and so on are crucial for the success of a website and that’s where this extension comes handy.

This is a quick add on which will replace the need of Google Analytics for you. May be you cannot track high end stats like analytic campaigns on this one but for most tasks, this works fine.

4. Link Clump

How often you have to end up copiying every link of a Google Search and you have no other ways but to do it manually by copying and pasting site URLS on a notepad. The Link Clump makes your life easier. You can simply select the links by dragging your mouse pointer and it will list them automatically on a text file for you.

5. Link Miner

Did you hear about the broken link building tactic? To go for the broken link building, you have to find links that do not work anymore and link miner does exactly that. The extension is very simple to work with. You simply load the page that you want to analyze and then click on the extension.

The extension will simply mark the links as red and green where red represents the broken ones. Pretty simple, right?

6. Scraper

Now, Scraper is an extension that every SEO might not need. This is a tool that some will require and some won’t. The way it works is that when you give it some text, it goes to internet and find similar text and list the websites for you that have articles on that same or a similar topic.

This is a good tool either to research and find potential targets or to look for competitors.

7. Ninja Outreach Lite

As a digital marketer or even as a search engine optimizer, you have to look for linking opportunities. The linking opportunities are tough to find and with all the Google updates, you have to make sure that you are staying safe. One of the safest methods to build links is via guest posts and this extension helps there.

When you visit a website and click on this extension, it will tell you the most important pages of that site. Pages like guest post submission, contact and about will immediately pop up. That is a great help.

8. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

If you are on the digital marketing space, you probably have heard about Majestic! The best part about this extension is that you get to see your trust flow, the backlinks and the citation flow in the same window without have to open multiple pages and typing the URL once again.

As it uses the own software data, the process is very fast too.

9. SEO Site Tool

If you want one extension to take care of most of your SEO needs then this is that one tool for you. After you have this tool installed, whenever you do a Google search, the tool will tell you all the page ranks, the backlinks, domain and page authority, index status and many more!
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10. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is considered as one of the biggest competitors of Mozbar which we are going to cover next. The reason that we kept this one before Mozbar is simply because, it will offer you more data.

Again, like the SEO site tool, you will find out about the backlinks, authority and all! On top of that, you will also see the referring domains, Alexa ranking, site age, whois Data and etc. These are facilities that other extensions do not provide. Also, you can easily pull the whole data to a CSV file if you want, which is another benefit to have.

11. Mozbar

The last one in our list is the Mozbar from the popular SEO software company, Moz! This extension does not tell you the whole picture at once but the best part about this one is that you do not have to ask for it. The Moz extension simply sits at the top right corner of your browser and whenever you browse a website, a top bar will popup with all the information that you need about that website.

If you need access to more information, you can always go to that direct click option where it will take you to Moz for more information. This is completely free too which is another advantage.