The world is getting advanced day by day especially with the perspective of technology. A lot of people find it useful to track text messages of other people like a wife would want to check on her husband’s text messages, parents would like to keep monitoring their child’s activities and many other uses. So, how to spy on anyone’s phone messages without acquiring any experience or knowledge?

Spying on anyone’s text messages seems like rocket science because most people think that it requires very professional hacking. Well, that’s not the case anymore because spy apps are getting introduced in the market and people are using such apps on a daily basis. The issue is that you can’t rely on any spying service without doing any proper research so we have got the top 5 fine text spying apps for you. Let’s have a look at some of the best text spy apps that you can use to monitor anyone’s text messages without getting detected.

1- Spyier- World’s Professional Spy App


Spyier can be considered as one of the top spying services in the World right now with millions of users around the World. This spying app is aiming to provide safe and reliable phone spying services to every user in the World. Using this spy app doesn’t require any type of experience or geeky knowledge and you can spy on text messages of any user you want to monitor. This app can be used to spy on both Android and iPhone devices without any sort of compatibility issues.

The thing of this spying app that attracts users more is its comfortable approach of spying on phone devices. This spy app allows you to hack any smartphone device without performing any kind of risky operations like Root or Jailbreak. Spyier believes in providing a safe and hassle-free phone monitoring solution in the best possible working environment. So, if anyone of you is looking forward to buying any spy app, check the best spy app Spyier to spy on any device easily.

Let’s have a look at some of the quality features of the Spyier phone spying app.

Features of Top 5 Text Spy Apps in 2020

There are almost 35 features included in Spyier and every single feature reflects professionalism and a strong spying approach. These features are designed according to the user’s requirements in this advanced World. Using these spying features is very easy and can be accessed right from Spyier’s account dashboard screen.

Here are some of the main features of the Spyier spying app.

Call Tracking- Spyier’s most important feature is call tracking that allows users to track on any incoming and outgoing calls of that target device they want to monitor. In this feature, you will also be able to find out call duration and the contacts that have been engaged most.

SMS Spy- This is a powerful spying feature that gives users the freedom to spy on text messages of any target phone device. This feature allows you to read messages that have been sent and received by that device. Reading deleted messages is also supported along with iMessage support. Viewing messages media can also be done using this professional phone spying application.

Location Tracking- This is an ideal spying feature especially for parents to keep updated with their children’s location. An amazing feature that lets users track the device using a GPS or WiFi-based location with precise coordinates.  Locations can be seen in a 3D street view.

Social Media Tracking-  There are many features provided in this app related to third party social media applications. Features like WhatsApp Spy, Track FB messages, Snapchat, Instagram and many other apps supported for spying.

Besides these, there are dozens of more spying features to grab your attention to monitoring phones with a strong spying control. Remember that every spying feature is safe to use without having any risk. Also, Spyier’s spying app runs on a stealth mode which makes you undetectable from the phone owner.

2- Minspy

Another quality and professional phone spying service name ‘Minspy’. The way developers have designed this spying application is phenomenal. From design to features, everything in this spying app is very professional. This is an ideal application for parents who want to keep a check on their children’s text messages. 

Spying on text messages has never been easier like it is now due to this spectacular spying app. No one could have imagined that they would be able to monitor text messages of any person by using this spying app. The use of this application doesn’t require years of experience or technical background because every spying feature is visible and easy to use. 

Use Minspy for tracking all of your Android and iPhone devices without having any problems or issues. This spy app gives users that feel of monitoring anything they want to track on any particular device without getting detected. So, all you must try this amazing and latest spying app for monitoring anyone’s phone you want to in legal terms of use.

3-  Spyic


Spyic is like the trust of millions when it comes to spying app for phone devices. The reason for relying on this phone monitoring app is its professional and quality spying features. There is a very user-friendly interface that makes this app easier and comfortable to use. From phone tracking to social media tracking, almost every spying feature has been added to this phone spying solution.

Stealth mode is what makes this spy app undetectable from the device owner and the app icon would get hidden automatically after installation. There is no device dependency regarding the use of this spying app because it can be used for tracking both Android and iPhone smartphone devices. Company managers can use this spy app in order to keep monitoring their employers’ activities during working hours.

So, if anyone wants to buy the subscription of a professional phone spying app then there is nothing better than Spyic.

4-  Cocospy 


If we talk about some reliable and quality phone tracking apps or spy apps, we can’t miss out on ‘Cocospy’. Developers and designers have put so much hard work to create this fine spy app product. Every customer in the World is satisfied with the services of this spying application in terms of tracking any phone device. 

Using this phone surveillance solution allows users to track phone calls, text messages, social media apps, website history, phone location, and many other details. This spy app has almost every latest spying feature added in it that one can expect from any latest phone tracking app. No Root or Jailbreak is required in this spy app to spy on any phone device. Steps to spy on the phone either Android or iPhone are mentioned on the official website of Cocospy.

Cocospy is a spying app that can be used by professionals and beginners as well because there is no need to acquire any professional knowledge to use this spying app.

5- SpyMyFone

Last but not least, SpyMyFone is one of the advanced and brilliant phone spying apps in the World. The range of spying features of this app is unmatchable because everything is covered from call logs to GPS location and text messages to apps tracking. Users can also grab WiFi network details that are connected in the present or past on that target device.

This spy app supported a variety of applications to spy on like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, Skype, Kik Messenger, and others. Geo-fencing feature added in this tool for setting up zones of the location to get alert on device entering or leaving that zone. It would be not wrong to say that the SpyMyFone app is best in the business of phone spying. Support for all types of Android and iPhone devices to facilitate every phone user.

So, these were the top 5 best spying services that you should consider for monitoring any smartphone device. If you want to try on spying services of any of these brands then you can vail demo versions by visiting official websites of all spying apps we have discussed so far.


After going through some of the professional and innovative text or phone spy apps, we can say that each app is trying to compete in the market by offering more spying features. All these spying apps are safe and reliable to use to hack any cell phone device without getting detected. Every spy app supports both Android and iPhone devices to provide a complete phone monitoring solution.

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