Twitter Analytics

Twitter wants to have a piece of that juicy analytics tool market share, don’t they? We can rest assured that the analytics tool has been launched.

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This new tool, unfortunately is not meant for the average person – at least nobody who is either using Twitter Cards, or is an advertiser, throwing money in Twitter’s face.

Publishers, developers and brands around the world use Twitter Cards to make Tweets more engaging with pictures, videos, content previews, deep links into their apps, and other rich media experiences. Now for the first time you can gain insight into how your content is performing on Twitter, and find personalized tips to help make more strategic decisions about your use of Cards.

There isn’t much more to say, really. You can watch the video and see for yourself, what the tool is about. It features some insane statistic examples from BuzzFeed’s website. You can see a couple of features that the new Twitter Analytics tool is going to offer, but most is yet to be reviewed by people who use Twitter Cards.

To get started with Twitter Card analytics, or if you’re already a card user or advertiser, sign in at or All Card users and advertisers will get access to the new dashboard over the next few days. Check out the Twitter Card analytics developer page for more information on how to become a cards user.

I’ll keep following the topic for a while, as I am not a Twitter cards user myself.