Any marketing campaign has different facets to it, and a B2B marketing campaign is no different. There are certain components that you will want to incorporate that work together to create a cohesive and successful strategy. Every component must be well thought out and well planned to ensure that you have what you need in place to be successful in the near term, but also down the road. 

Define Your Target Audience

Before you start with your marketing strategy, you need to have a grasp on who will most likely buy your product or service. That way you can be more efficient with your marketing and base your content on that audience’s interests and what they will engage with. Build the persona of the “average” person you are looking to target. What are their needs and their issues? How do they talk, act, and think? What other products might they be likely to buy? When you have a target persona in place, you can plan your efforts towards building leads from that target audience. 

Set Your Goals

When thinking about how to market your B2B SaaS business, you also need to know why you are marketing your B2B SaaS business. What are your goals? Make sure that your goals follow the SMART principle. They should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. Being vague will only allow for moving goalposts and coming up short. You need something to reach for, but it must also be realistic. Setting goals that are pie-in-the-sky will just make you feel like you failed when you may have actually done quite well. Measuring everything is crucial for any marketing strategy. You need to understand what worked, what didn’t, and how you can improve in the future. 

Create Appropriate Content

All marketing campaigns need quality content. When it comes to marketing a B2B SaaS business, make sure that your content reflects the people who are making the purchasing choices. B2B sales tend to involve more research than purchases made by individuals, and they tend to solve very real and tangible problems. Your content should be geared towards answering questions from businesses that may have the issues your product would solve. Your content should position your business as an industry expert where anyone can go for information. This will build trust with your audience and lead them to make the choice to go with you when they make a purchase. 


The previous components will dictate your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Your SEO should be geared towards getting as many people to your website as possible. However, you don’t just want anybody visiting your site. You want people who will be most likely to purchase your product or engage with you in some way. Long-tail keywords are very important with B2B SaaS SEO since they tend to coincide with answering questions. The better you are with your SEO tactics, such as with your linking and tagging, along with keyword content, the higher you will appear on search engine rankings. 

Set Your Budget

Anything you do with your company should be closely budgeted, and marketing is no different. Knowing how much you can spend will determine what marketing methods you can use. SEO is always a good investment since it provides an affordable strategy along with a very good return on investment. However, you may want to also supplement your SEO with some pay per click ads, or some wide-reaching but strategic web banners. By having a strategy and a budget, you can find a balance of marketing tactics that will fit within both. 

Don’t Neglect Your Social Media

Social media isn’t just for the contact between individuals, or brands to individuals. B2B businesses can find success with social media as well. What platforms you choose to focus on is up to you based on your target audience. Don’t spend too much time making Tik Tok content if your audience tends to be over the age of 40, for example. The important thing to remember is that your social media presence is an extension of your brand. Also, while you are communicating as a business, you will be interacting with individuals who will ultimately make purchasing decisions. Engage with them and provide them with relevant content and you will find that many followers will turn into customers. 

Always remember that a good marketing strategy, even for SaaS businesses, is flexible. If there is something that is not working, then do not be afraid to switch things up. Marketing is a process, especially for SEO marketing. Make sure that along the way you are taking the steps you need to not just succeed down the road, but to have consistent success as well. By using these components as the building blocks of your strategy, you will start getting the results you desire. 

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