Are you planning to become a Project Manager, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss what are the roles of a Project Manager? Which courses to go for? And what you will learn from the suggested online courses.

Role of a Project Manager

A Project Manager leads a team, plans, executes and monitors all the tasks related to it until the closure of the Project. He is responsible for handling the activities of the Project. No matter what business a company does, every company needs a Project Manager to manage its Projects, guide the employees and execute all the tasks. 

Goals decided by the company can only be achieved by proper management done by a Project Manager. He has to be capable enough of making his team successful by assigning equal and the right amount of tasks to each employee. 

Skills required to become a Project Manager

Let’s now discuss the skills required to become a successful Project Manager. 

  1. Skillful understanding of projects 
  2. Risk management 
  3. Self- management
  4. Leadership skill
  5. Critical thinking 
  6. Decision-making skills when under pressure 
  7. Problem-solving 
  8. Business management mindset
  9. High knowledge of the project 
  10. Work ethics 

If you have these skills then you can pursue a career as a project manager. Even if you don’t have any of the skills, you don’t have to worry about that. You can develop those skills and build them. Do not forget that upskilling/learning is an ongoing process. 

Let’s now see what course you should take to be a project manager. There are quite a few courses online that you can learn. We have shortlisted a few that Eduonix offers. Eduonix is an online learning platform. It is a premier training and skill development organization that was started with a vision to bring world-class training content, pedagogy, and best learning practices to everyone’s doorsteps. With dedicated efforts towards identifying and offering amazing learning experiences, Eduonix provides an adequate training atmosphere for its learners.

All of them are highly rated and top-ranked. These courses have helped a lot of students to ace their careers. 

Suitable Courses 

1. Project Management Bundle

Why this course?

There are 10 courses in this bundle that will help you learn all the important aspects of project management deeply. You will learn to solve real-world business-related problems logically with this project management bundle having 10 courses revolving around business problem solving, being more productive, understanding customer requirements, quality function deployment, taking effective decisions, and others.

2. 21 Steps To Successful Project Management

Why this course?

There are 3 courses in this curriculum. In this course, you will not only learn 21 steps to successful management but also how to implement an agile approach. This course provides you with scrum training for exam preparation. 

Qualified project managers are always in demand across companies. Learn how to plan, organize, lead and manage time and resources to achieve specific business goals with our Project Management Skill Bundle. This comprehensive bundle contains three courses which include Agile approach implementation, steps to successfully manage a project, Scrum training, etc. to help you land a job in a Project Management role.

3. Project Management SIMPLIFIED

Why this course?

The comprehensive and exhaustive Project Management SIMPLIFIED class comprises 8 separate modules that are detailed in their own right. Below mentioned are the modules:

  1. Defining the Project
  2. Listing the tasks
  3. Estimating times and costs
  4. Finding the critical path
  5. Considering crashing or overlapping tasks
  6. Drawing a Gantt (Bar) chart
  7. Calculating resource requirements over time
  8. Assessing and mitigating risks

4. Project Management Skills

Why this course?

Program Management can be described as a sector that consolidates the regulation of projects. This means that the Project Management Office is a storehouse of all the various projects that are currently being carried out within the organization. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) takes regular updates from the Project office and reviews all the ongoing projects in the organization.

The expertise this course provides is as follows:-

  • Basic Phases of a Project and their Purposes 
  • What is Project Life Cycle

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