Currently, there are lots of JVM languages that are worth trying while developing android apps. Java has been famous over a long time as one of the most popular languages that support Google’s official IDEs. But Java is becoming obsolete, and there are a few obstacles while developing Android apps using Java. Limitation on your creativity due to language restraints is frustrating.

A new language, Kotlin by JetBrains, has overcome those limitations. More powerful language than Java, Kotlin is simpler to use. About 80 percent of all Android projects using Kotlin are dominating the industry today. 

Google announced official support for Kotlin. It allows Android developers to take the assistance of Android Studio, which serves as Google’s primary IDE for Android.

Now, let’s learn about Why You Should Start Android App Development with Kotlin.

Though android developers were not supporting the point of switching from Java while developing Android apps because of expertise, the more profound understanding of Kotlin changed. 

Kotlin: A Highlight

Kotlin, a programming language for the JVM and Android, combines Object-Oriented and Functional Programming features for a general-purpose. Open-source programming language has a main focus on safety, clarity, interoperability, and tooling support. 

Kotlin allows Android developers to escape obstacles easily and quickly. 

Benefits of Kotlin compared to others –      

1) Concise language

Kotlin serves as a more concise language than Java that solves problems within fewer codes. Besides, it enables a change in the code effectively. Mobile app development company also suggest that Kotlin improves code maintenance while also driving readability. 70 percent of the top 1000 Android apps are using Kotlin.

2) Safety

Kotlin prevents common programming mistakes associated with design and application crashes. Java is vulnerable to recurring error causes. Write more robust code using Kotlin. Recent revelations suggest that Kotlin overtakes Scala and Clojure, becoming the 2nd most popular JVM language.

3) Support for Functional Programming

With Kotlin, you can get support for Functional programming allowing programmers to solve problems easily. Moreover, with Kotlin, it is possible to improve performance, which you cannot do in Java.

4) Reduce Errors

Kotlin compiler performs checks, fixes errors, and avoids runtime errors. Thus, Kotlin is a time-saving language. 

A Highlight on the List of Technology Benefits:

1) Variable Declaration

Kotlin lets you declare a variable as var x: Int = 10. The alternative is that you can use a shorter clear version var x = 10

Read-only variables find assistance with Kotlin. Kotlin with Val declaration serves as equivalent to Java variables. As you finalize variables, you cannot reassign. 

2) String Templates

Strings contain template expressions, which serve as expressions evaluated with results.

A template expression includes a simple name or an arbitrary expression enclosed in curly brackets. Using them is easier in Kotlin and makes programming a lot easier. 

3) Verbosity and Ceremony

Developers prefer clean, concise code, and in this regard, Kotlin offers many advantages. Less code in Kotlin takes less time, and also overall; code is less susceptible to bugs. On the other hand, Java makes you write a lot of code for even the simplest things. “Ceremony” in Java APIs forces developers to go through many steps. Some of the lengthy steps that you can escape using Kotlin include handling fragment transactions and accessing a database.

Simplify a lot with Kotlin to improve the experience. Besides, Kotlin serves productivity as. 

4) Statically Typed Language for your Rescue

Unlike the popular idea, Java isn’t the only language for building Android apps. Strongly supported JVM language Kotlin works amazingly in the Android ecosystem. What makes it even more enhanced is that it serves as the open-source, statically typed language.

JetBrains understood the pain developers face with workflow due to JAVA. That said, with Kotlin, they could successfully escape issues. The pragmatic approach in Kotlin doesn’t feature having its build system or package manager. So, there will be slight probabilities of the broken projects.

Kotlin doesn’t re-implement the Java collections framework. Kotlin shares compatibility with the JDK collection interfaces. Kotlin does so without breaking existing project implementations. 

5) Maintaining Backward Compatibility

This is one significant benefit of Kotlin. Maintaining backward compatibility with Android projects makes Kotlin one of the best languages that you can rely on. In addition, Kotlin serves as 100 percent interoperable with Java. Call Java code easily from Kotlin and vice-versa. What makes it favorable among developers is that Kotlin and Java generate the same bytecode. Thus, there won’t be the chance of shipping something incorrect with Kotlin. 

Start using Kotlin in existing projects with old Java code, or you can also switch to writing some simple parts of the app in Kotlin. Again, it serves as the best way for familiarising with its constructs and syntax.

Few UI components alongside simple business logic make Kotlin one of the best languages. 

6) No Issues due to NullPointerExceptions

NPEs prove to be one of the most common causes of crashes. Kotlin, won’t let you worry about NPEs as you can rest assured about null safety in Kotlin’s type system. Catch NPEs at compile-time, and you can just do that without facing issues due to the crashing apps at runtime. 

7) IDE and Tooling Support

Continuing support of Kotlin makes it even better. JetBrains specializes as a well-established company that ensures the creation of the most used IDEs. So, when it comes to the support with Kotlin, you can rest assured about no flaws at all. 

8) Mature Language

You’ve already come to know about the IDE support of Kotlin. that said, Mature Language that works with Great IDE Support went through several stages of alpha and beta improvements.

Top companies started using Kotlin for developing applications, and Kotlin used in several projects has yielded positive results. Besides, the practical language with proven features from other programming languages allows better development with the popular features. 

Natural Ways of Android Apps Development with Kotlin

Kotlin, a simple yet powerful language, is the best compared to other languages. Java suffers due to rigid issues as well as there is another programming language Scala that works like a dense language with slow compilation time.

A library that writes Android apps with Kotlin proves to be very small during Android app development and isn’t vulnerable to method count much. 

1. Swift Language

Android App Development always requires the Swift language that guarantees development. Android app development with Kotlin ensures integration with Android Studio, making it fast. The app developers can set up the Kotlin project to function in less than 10 minutes.

Even the first-timer can find it easier to use Kotlin. Android 2.3 always requires a plugin for integration with Kotlin. Besides, you can rest assured that the language can work from the IDE also debugging without any hiccups. Features of Kotlin are favorable with other things. 

2. Reliability Due to Developmental Process

Kotlin’s existence is due because JetBrains has come with specific requirements from a programming language. Besides, you can rest assured that Kotlin offers practical value with the line of products.

The developers can enjoy features like Kotlin Android Extensions, Anko, continuous library size optimizations, alongside building times. 

3. Easy to Learn

Kotlin proves to be more comfortable learning compared to Java and many other languages. Even the people who are new to the language can find the code easy to understand.

Use Kotlin today and keep away from errors. Kotlin offers possibilities for developers to start being creative and solve problems. 

Key Takeaways: Businesses Moving Towards Kotlin

You’ve learned about why you should use Kotlin for Android development. Moving to a new tool sometimes proves to be a tedious task for businesses, but at the same time, with the proper understanding, it serves as a well-thought decision.

Businesses are showing support towards Kotlin for Android app development. Google officially supporting the language is helping the companies rely on Kotlin.

Overall, the plethora of great language features with brevity ensures higher quality app development.

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