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Why shouldn’t you start a business, might be more appropriate at these times of growth. It has become sort of ridiculous, and people are making a business out of anything they can get their hands on. In the web hosting industry, it’s been long know how popular is the reseller options that pretty much every single hosting company offers to its customers. You are literally able to start your own hosting business for just a $100/month. You only need some telephone and perhaps a little bit of marketing skills to get you started.

With 16 million new websites opening up every month, and the numbers growing fast – it makes perfect sense to get into the business of selling hosting to other businesses and companies. This is of course was meant as the perfect example of how easy it is to start your own business that will generate you a steady income.

In the United Kingdom, last year, there were 520,000 new businesses created. That is 1 business for every 121 people if we divide with the number of people that live in the UK. How many of those businesses are going to make it to the next stages, and how many will have the ability to expand and grow further? There isn’t much left, when having your own business is going to be the same as having a coffee machine at your house.

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All those things aside, if there is the demand for it – I completely agree that it’s a wise idea to start your own business. There always needs to be an equal demand and supply ratio for a business to be successful, and that sometimes is the hardest part to digest for anyone who is looking to start his own company.

Imitators, patent trolls, they’re all out there and they are very eager to cash in on your idea. This can be so off putting for anyone who wants to start their own small business.

What do you think? Is creating your own business a wise idea? How you done it, and did it prove successful? I think everyone should at least try it once in their lifetimes, to grasp the idea that many other businesses out there have to deal with, every single day.

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