Without trust, your business cannot function as a whole. Bosses need to be able to trust their employees, and workers need to be able to trust their bosses. Building trust among your business’s customers is also of vital importance if you want your company to be successful. Check out the following sections to discover why trust is important in business and how technology is helping to build trust. 

Building Trust with Employees

Employees need to have clear and concise instructions. Ambiguity only causes confusion and a lack of trust in management. It is, therefore, essential that business leaders make specific rules and expectations completely clear from the beginning. For instance, if you require your employees to attain certain sales figures each month, ensure they are aware of targets ahead of time. If you reprimand workers for not achieving goals when they were not fully aware of your expectations, it will lead to low morale and distrust.

Another way of building trust with employees is to show them compassion during difficult situations. Your employees will then have more confidence in you and are likely to trust your judgment when it matters. Being compassionate is especially important when employees make mistakes. If employees do not trust their managers, they could try to cover up errors when they occur rather than being open about them. That will only lead to further problems. When workers feel they have a fair and understanding leader, there will be better communication; and communication is essential for any successful business. Having trust between employees and bosses means the company functions better as a whole.

How Technology Helps to Build Trust with Customers


Reputation management continually shapes public opinion about your company. Your business must invest in building a strong reputation online if you want to attract new customers. That means you need to make sure all online information about your business is accurate, relevant, and robust. Using the latest technology can help you do that. By gaining a strong reputation, your credibility will become established, and you can gain trust with your clients. Using reputation monitoring software helps you to build trust with your customers. It also allows you to stand out against your competitors. By using reputation management software, you can monitor users’ reviews of your products or services. That means you can spread positive customer experiences via online review platforms. Reputation monitoring software can also:

  •   Help to promote your brand.
  •   Capture negative customer experiences.
  •   Submit reviews through ad campaigns or email.
  •   Interpret your company’s online reputation.

Ways of Building Trust with Your Customers

To build trust with your customers, you need to make a human connection with them. View customers as people, not people as customers. When you do that, your brand will become perceived as believable and trustworthy, and you will see your customer base grow. It is, therefore, essential to listen to your customers. Your marketing team’s first inclination may be to tell its clients how extraordinary your company is. However, it is much better to show how your customer’s life will become improved because of what your business does. You need to understand how your product or service fulfills their needs, so listening is the key. Communicate with your customers to discover how your company fits into their worldviews, not how theirs fit into yours.

Other ways of building trust with your customers include:

  • Improving Your Security: If you are selling products or services online, ensure your platform is entirely secure for transactions. Even if you are not selling via online platforms, ensure your website is secure so your customers can feel safe. That will help build trust between your brand and your customer base.
  • Being Socially Active Online: Frequently using social-media platforms creates visibility for your company. The more followers you get, and the more you utilize social media, the quicker you will be able to build trust with potential and existing customers.
  • Providing Excellent Customer Support: If your customers have issues with something, their trust will quickly become fragile. Do not merely use the most cost-effective method to provide customer support. You need to make sure your customers are heard and appreciated, so go out of your way to make them happy. By ensuring they receive prompt and helpful support, your customers will think of your company as reliable and trustworthy.
  • Always Being Available: Making your company contactable at all times is a sure way of building trust with your customers. On the landing page of your website, always include a phone number. It is also beneficial to have an instant chat box so customers can communicate with a staff member and get assistance straight away. Using instant chat boxes can increase your conversion rate. The more lines of contact customers have available, the more trust they will have in your company.
  • Website Best Practices: You should integrate common best practices on your website, such as making sure you display testimonials and customer logos prominently. This extends further to Feature & Benefit Pages, Case Studies and detailed blog posts that explain your product or service in detail.