We all know the role of high-speed internet in our lives. Be it our personal or professional online activity, we need a reliable and fast-speed internet connection to pull it off. With the rising connectivity needs, the telecommunication industry has expanded and seen major growth. The greater general usage and public dependence on wireless internet networks have inspired providers to roll out some of the best Wi-Fi plans for users to have a better connectivity experience. Serious efforts are being made to deliver higher speeds and flawless performances when it comes to Wi-Fi facilities, as the users of Cox WiFi plans would agree. In the quest to improve Wi-Fi technology and make it go faster than ever, we saw the recent launch of Wi-Fi 6 with a wide range of benefits for the users. 

Wi-Fi 6 refers to the next generation of wireless standards and is incredibly fast as compared to the 802.11ac version. Also known as 802.11ax, this newer version has a lot to offer in terms of performance. Here is all you need to know about what Wi-Fi 6 has in store for you:

How Fast is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 allows you to connect to the internet in a super-fast way. It uses newer technology to make it happen more efficiently, improving your whole connectivity experience. 

If we are to get a glimpse of how fast the Wi-Fi 6 speed is, it will be safe to say that the figure’s somewhere around 9.6 Gbps – this speed being a theoretical maximum. The fact is that Wi-Fi 6 has a higher theoretical speed than its predecessors, which means greater speeds for every device using the wireless network. 

Wi-Fi 6 Goes Beyond Just Top Speeds

This latest Wi-Fi version is more than just about boosting speeds. Rather it is intended to improve the wireless network performance as a whole. Nowadays, we have more devices connected to the Wi-Fi network as every person seems to be using the internet for various online activities, be it work, education,  gaming, video streaming, music streaming, video calling, messaging, and whatnot. Back in the days when Wi-Fi 5 came out, the average American household would have as many as 5 devices accessing the wireless network. Today, this average number of devices has jumped to 9, and the time is not far when we would see this average number of devices connected to a WI-Fi network hitting as high as 50 in the years to come. Obviously, the greater the number of devices using the wireless network, the stronger the network should be, or else the entire grid will slow down, crashing with the increased load. 

Wi-Fi 6 aims to lower this issue and provide a powerful network that is capable of catering to multiple devices at once without undergoing any slowing effect on the network performance. The Wi-Fi 6 router sends data signals smoothly and swiftly to a greater number of connected devices in the same broadcast. It also allows devices to communicate check-ins with the router. These additional features facilitated by the Wi-Fi 6 technology are meant to cope with the connectivity demands of many devices at once in a better way.

What Makes Wi-Fi 6 Super Fast and Powerful?

Wi-Fi 6 usually makes use of two technologies, called MU-MIMO and OFDMA. MU-MIMO refers to Multi-User, Multiple Inputs, Multiple Outputs, and is meant to assist the router in communicating with multiple Wi-Fi-connected devices in a better way. It allows rapid communication between the router and the devices and thus, Wi-Fi 6 can connect to as many as up to 8 devices simultaneously. On the other hand, OFDMA or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access is meant to allow connection to several devices with a single transmission.  

Improved Battery Life

Another benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is that it minimizes the time needed for communication between the router and the devices. This ultimately leads to more battery saving and less drainage. The result is improved battery life. 

Enhanced Security and Better Performance in Congested Areas

In this high-tech world, online security is as important as speed. Wi-Fi 6 is likely to include stronger security protocols. Apart from that, its newer technologies will be able to provide four times greater speeds and performance in congested areas with many devices. 

Final Words

The Wi-Fi 6 usage is going to become more common in the next few years and will guarantee a faster, more powerful, more secure, and more reliable wireless network to the users. The number of devices supporting Wi-Fi 6 will also increase and their prices will also go down in the coming years. Thus, Wi-Fi 6 is designed to ensure a faster and more secure network for multiple devices simultaneously and has all the potential to combat the wireless connectivity challenges in the future.

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