Ransomware as a Service: 6 Discovered Instances

By on February 14, 2016

As file-encrypting ransom Trojans are earning big bucks for their authors these days, the concept of ransomware kits, or Ransomware as a Service, has come on stage. About half a dozen of them emerged on the black market recently. This trend has made it amazingly simple to become a cybercriminal. There is hardly any tech Read More...


10 Best Websites Using Video Backgrounds

By on February 12, 2016

Videos have the power to convey ideas where words fall short. They truly capture the various aspects of human emotions in a subtle, yet magical way. Today, the trend of incorporating videos in web designing is huge. Using some advanced JavaScript and HTML5 techniques, one can easily achieve this feat. There are various kinds of Read More...

7 Tips For Getting Started as a Freelancer - 805

7 Tips For Getting Started as a Freelancer

By on December 2, 2015

Looking to make the move to freelancing? The rise of the internet has made it easier than ever to get started. Websites like Upwork make it easy to find work, Google Drive makes it easy to stay organized and solutions like Shopify make it easy to get paid. Before you can get there though, you Read More...

10 Great Communities as Alternatives to Reddit

10 Great Communities as Alternatives to Reddit

By on September 5, 2015

If you are seeking answers to your questions, opinions on multiple subjects (ranging from dating tips to Forex trading tips), or just want to have a cool conversation on a Friday afternoon, Reddit is a great place to be. However, that place seems to be losing its charm of late. With reasons such as good Read More...