Enhance Marketing Videos

If you are a YouTube marketer and are thinking about getting into YouTube, then it is a smart decision. YouTube is now considered as the second biggest search engine on planet and whether it is for your personal benefits or a business, YouTube can help you make more money at the end of the day. In this article, we are going to look at 10 cool ideas that can help you to enhance your enhance marketing videos with analytics. You have to understand the analytics because you want to know who your target customers are and whether they are consuming your content or not, right? Let’s get started.

1. Demographic Report

Demographic Report
When you are logged in to your YouTube channel, simply visit the demographics report section. This section will tell you everything about your audience. Whether it is simply their age or their gender differences, you will be able to know everything in this demographic report.

This is important because this will tell you who your main audiences are so that you can design content that caters to their interest the most.

2. Follow The Trends

Following the trends does not simply mean that you will post videos on topics that are trending. Yes, that is the first step but you should always do more than just that. One great idea is to do hashtag promotions. Mainstream social media such as Twitter and Facebook both support hashtags and also paid advertisement. Therefore, after you have created a video on a trend, put the proper hashtags on those social media and run paid promotions.

3. Improve Your Ranking Via SEO

How will people find your video on YouTube? The best way is to go for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a method to make your content appear at the top on Google and YouTube. Think about it. If people are searching for something then there is a high chance that they will pick one of the top suggested videos from the search result, right?
SEO Ranking
Your job is to stay at the top of the search so that people go ahead and look at your videos. There are different methods to do that primarily with backlink. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always hire a SEO expert from places like Upwork!

4. Channel Analytics

Always have an eye on the channel analytics. Have a look at your average daily subscribers, average view counts and the sources of traffic. These will help you remain on track. If you keep your eyes on analytics, you will immediately know when things go wrong. That will help you to take actions.

5. Track Likes & Dislikes

Don’t think of the number of likes and dislikes only as a tool to know your audience’s emotions. To YouTube, this is a lot more than just that. The like and dislike ratio is a tool for YouTube to decide which videos should get more promotions and which should not. That depends on things like count, YouTube suggest videos to audience and if your video is getting a high number of dislikes, there is a high chance that YouTube will not recommend it to anyone at the right side bar.

6. Audience Retention

Make sure that you have your eyes on the audience retention report of the channel. Recently, YouTube confirmed that they are actively counting audience retention rate as a method to decide which videos are worth recommending and which are not.

This is a new change that YouTube brought in to their algorithm early in 2016. They made sure that they don’t promote a video organically if the full video is not seen by a huge number of people.
Device & Platform

7. Device & Platform

It is important that you understand which device & platform are commonly being used by people consuming your content. Again, this is important just like any other analytics because you want to understand your audience better. If they are watching your video from a mobile device, then you would generally want to keep your videos short so that they can watch it when commuting and can also save your videos offline using the YouTube app.

On the other hand, if you find out that most people who watch your content are from a computer, you can produce longer videos.

8. Competitor Analysis

YouTube is an extremely competitive space to work on but even then, the competitive atmosphere is not there for most creators. You have to get into a healthy competition if you want to make it on YouTube. The competition is a complete 360 degree one as you will have to compete with similar channels based on criteria such as video quality, video content, entertainment, engagement, etc.

Therefore, keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and always try to overdo them if you want to stay strong.

9. Automate Social Media

You might not want to automate the video posting on your YouTube channel, but you would definitely want to automate the other social media accounts that you have if you do not want to spend all your time posting on different social media accounts.

The idea is very simple. You have to be active on all of your social media accounts to get the best possible results. But it is not possible to be active on all social media all the time. Therefore, use software to automate posting. You can also hire a social media guy if you have the budget.

10. Use Google Trends

Google has their free trend analysis tool that you should use before creating your channel or pretty much before recording major videos. This tool will tell you whether the topic of your interest is getting good impressions on the search engine or not. If the answer is negative, then that means that the audience is not that interested on that topic and vice versa.

Therefore, use trend analysis to decide whether you should create content on a certain topic or not.