Instagram continues to be a sparkling star in the realm of social media. Flaunting a broad fan following from around the world, it has substantiated itself exceptionally profitable for a few organizations. Huge traffic is driven towards the business by boosting user engagement and reinforcing brand acknowledgment. Instagram is anticipated to include 26.9 million clients in the U.S. by 2020. That is significantly more than Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. The social network is additionally getting a charge out of a higher reception among youthful grown-ups with the growing mobile ad revenues.

Regardless of whether most organizations acknowledge it or not, Instagram is turning out to be an incredible platform for such associations to brand themselves. In any case, taking advantage of an expansive (and developing) number of Instagrammers can require some time and enormous efforts.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few Instagram hacks that you probably never knew existed. These hacks will help you gain audience engagement, get more likes and followers on Instagram. You can also use these Instagram hacks to its fullest potential and create the most awesome Instagram feed on the planet! So, without any further delay let’s get into the hacks!

1) Inserting a page break in your Instagram caption

A lot of YouTubers do this but there has never being a specific explanation to it. Since when you attempt and do it on Instagram it doesn’t seem to work. A lot of people think that you need to type out your caption in another app like notes and then copy and paste it on Instagram. But however, the thinking is deceptive! There is an easier way to do it. Make a note that whenever you go to make a caption, it doesn’t give you the option of rewriting a couple of lines. But in order to get the option of clicking return, you simply have to push 1-3 buttons on your phone and then there is a return button.

So, all you have to do is once you find the return button, type the initial caption, hit return and type out the rest. Hit share and then you will see a nice page break in your caption. Please make note that you can insert emoji only in the middle of your sentences, if you do at the start or at the end of the sentence your page will disappear.

2) Increase audience engagement

like symbol

Engagement = Likes+ Followers + Comments.
According to Sprout Social, Instagram handle in the caption of your photos actually increases engagement by 56%. If you are posting a picture of yours with a friend instead of just tagging them in the photo, you would probably find a way to mention handle in the caption.

3) Add a call to action in your posts

Add a call to action in your posts and beyond just inside your posts which is basically like using text. You can also use a call to action in your location tag.

4) Hashtag confidentiality

Hashtag image

You should always hashtag your images. Check for the popular hashtags on Instagram and add them to your images. Hashtag images always perform better than the images without them and statistically it’s been found that images with 11 or more hashtags perform the best. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags on your image with Instagram. Thus, you can add these hashtags, as your add-on advantage and use all 30 of them on every single one of your images.

5) Geotag your photos

Another great way to get more engagement is to geotag your photos with the correct location. If you are taking a photo at any island make sure you tag it correctly and it’ll get shown to people within that location. Doing this you’ve got a higher chance of those people liking, engaging, and even following you in the end.

6) Be active and engage with the community

When you are engaging and interacting with other people’s photos, you can always post interactive comments rather than just saying a nice pic.

7) Feed aesthetic

With Instagram, the more consistently you can post, the bigger you will get. Post photos that are within a specific niche or theme. For example, a portrait or landscape. Let’s talk about the image’s shapes. You don’t need to be posting all kinds of weird shapes in your feed, so that it looks messy when you visit it, because people coming to your account and pick whether they need to tail you or not. They don’t look just at one image and decide. They look at your feed as a whole. So, if the visual representation is not good, they’re not going to hit that follow button. Portrait images receive more engagement on Instagram because they take up more screen real estate.

8) Cross promotion

If you have multiple platforms, you probably have different audiences on each of them, so by merging them and getting the audiences to spread across the platforms will help you grow as well.

9) Follow people in your niche or category

Once you’ve picked a category, whether be it travel, fitness, or whatever you are interested in. Try to follow only those accounts within that niche, you might be wondering why am I emphasizing so much on this, right? Well, the reason for this is that you get lumped with those other creators. If you are liking and interacting with accounts that are similar to yours, Instagram is going to suggest you to those people’s followers. Or when a new person visits their accounts and clicks follow you may pop up as a suggested user.

10) Nurture your community


Interact with the followers that you already have. Those are the people that you should be most appreciative for. When someone comments on your photos, comment back, reply to them and take your interaction to the next friendly level, doing this will help with engagement as well, maintain a healthy relationship with your followers. So, there’s always an upside to engaging with your community.

Building up a cross-platform or omnichannel strategy can be a significantly more viable method for drawing in your imminent audience. You can use Instagram and site analytics to decide audience behavior and preferences, and build up a strategy based on this information. Instagram has the ability to significantly enhance the performance of your association. While it may be hard to make a fruitful Instagram strategy, consider utilizing a few of the tips outlined in this article to find success.