Instagram is a popular social media platform tool that marketers, companies, and individuals now use to sell themselves out there to potential clients. With more than 500 million users checking their accounts on a monthly basis and sharing millions of images and videos, this is just the right place for placing your business and getting as much coverage as possible. We will show you how to get more Instagram followers.

The good thing is that in most cases, it will only cost your effort and a few data bundles to let the world know about your business. The trick with this platform is winning people’s hearts and having them to follow you. You need, therefore, to work on your feed to make sure it shines and attracts other users. Here are seven ideas you can use to make your Instagram feed look good and make your profile shine.

Have a Clear Strategy

Once you make a decision to create an Instagram account to grow your business outreach or to create brand awareness, then you need to have a clear outlook on what you want that particular account to look like. It should not be just like another random personal account that you just post anything. With this picture in mind, you will know the content to share, when to share it, who to tag and the color schemes and themes to use.

Stick to One Theme and Filters

Personal Instagram accounts seem to be all over with different filters and no clear theme. With an account that you want to draw followers to you, whether it’s a business or personal account, identify one particular filter for your images and one theme that people can identify with. The more people see this theme, the more they recognize your brand and the more awareness you create. Take advantage of the features provided on Instagram that can help you edit and curate your images and thus your entire feed in a particular and unique manner.

Have an Organized and Appealing Bio

As an introduction is to a book or a movie, your bio is the first place that users land before going through any other stuff that you might have. It is here that you need to make a good first impression. Introduce yourself in a creative manner, let potential followers know what your brand or business is all about, and maybe add a link that leads to your official site if you have one. The bio is your chance to convince a new user to either follow you or simply move on, so make it work for you.

Use the Preview App

As mentioned earlier, it is important to have an organized feed and profile as a result. Once you have decided what to post, you can use this app to preview how your feed will look like before publishing your content. If it is within your plans, then you can proceed and publish, but if it is not yet according to your plan, you can take time to edit, rearrange and reschedule your photos.

Select a Suitable Layout

Getting a layout is one of the easiest strategies you can use to have an organized Instagram feed. There are nine different layouts available on Instagram. You can choose these depending on the content you intend to post and the nature of your account.

Choose an Appropriate Color Scheme

If you have noticed, most accounts that have a massive following have a particular color scheme. For instance, you will find accounts that present beauty products with pink as their color in most instances. You can choose one, two or three colors to use, but be consistent with them. In line with a consistent color palate, ensure that you keep the background of your images the same.

Take Advantage of Insta Stories

Most new users never have time to go through your entire profile checking out your images not unless they develop a special kind of interest. They simply scheme through the Insta stories as they move on to other users. This is where Insta stories come in. Post interesting and appealing content on your stories. Remember, Instagram is all about entertainment. The more you get your audience entertained, the better chances you will have of getting followers.