Are you a PHP expert, or perhaps just a tiny beginner that has yet to learn his own ropes? Regardless of the situation, not only is there always a lot more to learn about any programming language, quite often there are resources that are simply exceptional to the developer and should be consumed by as many people as possible.

The last few days have been a lot about PHP content, but we hope to continue in the same manner as it seems that there are a lot of uncovered areas that need to be brought to light for everyone to learn from. Some of those included a list of PHP security libraries, and also some parsing and analysis tools for PHP devs; it’s all about learning the ins and outs!

Today, we’re taking a look at some great articles and tutorials that will help you learn more about PHP as a language, and also as a tool for building new and amazing things. Lets get to it.

1. Create Your Own PHP Framework

In the past couple of years, PHP has moved on to provide a lot more viable and usable frameworks for rapid web application development. This is a 12-part series of tutorials that work together with the Symfony2 components to give you an idea of how to build your very own PHP framework. There is a lot to learn from these tutorials, and they’re definitely not for the light-hearted.

2. Seven Ways to Screw Up BCrypt

There are numerous articles on the web about how to properly use bcrypt in PHP. So this time, rather than writing yet-another-how-to-use-bcrypt article, the author gets straight to the point about the errors and mistakes when it comes to using BCrypt in your projects.

3. Preventing CSRF Attacks

Learning about development security is essential, and one of the things you will encounter a lot of the time are specifically Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF) attacks, learn how to overcome them and prepare for them whatever the project it is that you’re working on.

4. Use Env

To cut a short story even shorter, using env is going to guarantee that the script will always find the PHP folder/path on your server, can come in handy for bigger projects that are spread amongst many servers.

5. Composer Primer

Composer is something special in the world of PHP. It has changed the way we handle application dependencies, and quelled the tears of many PHP developers. So in this tutorial you’re getting a high-quality primer from one of the leading minds in PHP development, though mostly Laravel focused.

6. Composer Versioning

This is a quick tutorial on how to become a better Composer user, and also some insight on why using branch-alias might be a good idea. Goes together well with the previous Composer tutorial we looked at.

7. Predicting Random Numbers in PHP

If you’re a Zend developer, this is a nice security article on how to work with the mt_rand() function call in PHP, see the article for more details.

8. A 20 Point List for Preventing XSS in PHP

Another one about development security, this time it’s about Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and how to prevent it within your projects – even the smaller ones. It’s a rundown of 20 important things to remember when it comes to coding stuff that’s secure and reliable.

9. PHP Sucks! But I Like It!

Here is an experienced and educated PHP developer sharing his opinion on why PHP is not as bad as many might make it seem to be, he gives valid reasons for why he likes PHP, but also shares some details and compassion with those who simply despise the language; great read.

10. PHP Is Much Better Than You Think

It’s a statistical report on why PHP might suck as many seem to think it does, but why it might be the best web platform out there, for any skillset developers. It’s always nice to learn about these things so we can shove them back at those who still like to complain endlessly.

Articles Every PHP Developer Should Read

There we have it, a nice roundup of articles that should keep you busy for days to come, there definitely are more great resources out there, but we will let you share those with us in the comment section.