I’m always experimenting with my own blog design, seeing what works and what doesn’t work. I sometime settle for the most absurd choices, but it turns out that they’re also the ones that make the website seem more alive and refreshing. I like to utilize the concept of ‘you either read the content, or you watch the sidebar’ – when it comes to WordPress blogs.

I also believe that one of the best ways to find inspiration is by looking at other peoples creative work, and seeing what we can resonate with. I’m often finding inspiration in music, and the concept of a song, it helps me to write better poetry, and expands my overall senses. When it comes to blog designs, and creative web development, I’m always looking at personal blogs and how they combine the elements of a persons personality.

Brands, and businesses might not be able to deliver the full creative spectrum through their web design, because it’s more profitable to have something that everyone can understand. I’m going to be taking a look at 10, refreshing and new personal blog designs that I’ve found across the web, and I think you’ll be able to get a few ideas of your own.

1. Usman Jamil

Usman Jamil
I love the work this young man is doing, his designs are very fluid and attention grabbing. His blog is powered by a smooth design that makes reading content a breeze, and he is also a huge innovator, offering a few freebies – like his coming soon page, which I think is a top class design.

2. David Boyero

David Boyero
David offers quite a few services to those who need it, like branding for example, or you can hire him to do some designing work. His blog is not yet available to the public, but the front-page of his design is looking really great and I like how all of the colors match together fluently.

3. Valentin Radulescu

Valentin Radulescu - Front-End Developer
Valentin loves to create great user experiences for all of his projects, his own personal blog is definitely an example of this. I really like what he has done with his blog, and the way he has shown how versatile it can be. It was one of the most pleasant reading experiences in a while.

4. Jim Ramsden

Jim Ramsden - Designer of Internets
I never knew big font can actually be used in a way like Jim has prepared it, and it feels so natural and very easy on the eyes. I think we all can take inspiration from this style of designing, and I cannot express enough how much I love the ‘Notes‘ section of the site. :)

5. upon a fold

home - upon a fold
I’m really loving the colors on this one, and I think the minimalist blog design is really appealing. It’s an online store for paper fabrics and other cool designs done with paper.

6. Stocktown

Stocktown - A Video Curated Magazine
I’ve included Stocktown in the list because of the seamless integration of the elements that this style has, you can easily browse the blog posts and see how everything comes together, and nothing feels like you’re doing it again and again. Great font and overall reading quality.

7. Paradox Design Studio

Paradox Design Studio
I love the work these guys do, so down to earth and also encouraging others to take the same path. Their blog design is very professional and appealing, the images stretch far and wide and make the content really stand out. I think they could use some flat social icons in the mix, that would add the missing cherry on top!

8. Grafik

It’s a very interactive website, everything loads thing after thing and that is what creates a memorable experience, at least I think it does. Text is easy to see, and the overall design flows together nicely, plus I do like the homepage.

9. Openings

Openings - First lines from books, poems, songs & movies
The concept of the site is very simple, but I like how it’s being executed. Just try viewing some of the posts, and see how seamless the interactive design is. I love how images pop in and out whenever you scroll over a post. Play around and see how it works for yourself.

10. Divine Write

Divine Write
The last personal blog on our list is from two guys in Sydney, it goes to show just how useful and functional the sticky navigation bar can be, as you’ll see when you’re checking out their blog. I’m really loving the richness of the design, and how it all comes together in the end.

Personal Blogs & Their Web Designs

It’s actually harder than it looks, to come up with these lists. You have to go through a ton of designs and really see what captures your attention. I’m sure that some of these might seem like ‘meh’, but some are actually really good and I’ve introduced myself to new concepts, I hope you did too.

Are you running a personal blog and you’ve got amazing web design? Why not share with the community and let us see! :)

photo by artexormedia