When creating a presentation, you want to have one that stands out and is different from the norm. There are a wide array of options available on Microsoft Powerpoint, but to really achieve the best results, you need something that many others have not seen before.

Powerpoint presentations are highly versatile and can be used in sales, schools, for science projects, education, professionally and so on. This listing contains ten excellent powerpoint presentation templates that are easily customizable and which will stand out from other designs that you may have used in the past. They have stunning features including animations, use of graphics and images and creative fonts that lead to the perfect presentation. They include the following:

1. Bundle PowerPoint Presentation Template

Bundle PowerPoint Presentation Template

With this pack, you will get a range of PowerPoint presentation templates for a very good price. You can choose your templates based on the audience that you want to work with, and the intention of your presentation. It has more than fifty colours schemes for you to choose from, and when you put together all the various slides, you will find that they total 10,000 different ones. It is a pack to have no matter what your business is and you will find that you can easily customize your slides and get the desired result.

2. The Business Pack

The Business Pack

The business pack has so much to offer when it comes to diagrams and illustrations that you can use to bring forth various messages in your presentations. You will find that you can customize a cycle process, a pyramid diagram, a puzzle diagram, PESTEL analyses, funnel diagram. SWOT analysis, hierarchy, matrix diagram, diagram venn, gear diagram, RoadMap, flow chart and many more. You can also choose between light and dark backgrounds as well as those which have textures and patterns to add more character.

3. 3-in-1 Powerpoint Bundle Vol.1

3-in-1 Powerpoint Bundle Vol.1

This bundle provides clean and modern PowerPoint templates which are meant for corporate use, for use in creative industries, in agencies and also for multipurpose use. There are a large number of unique slides with numerous color options for you to choose from. These slides are also animated making them more interesting to look at and interact with. An excellent option when you want to display information that will capture attention.

4. 4 in 1 PowerPoint Presentation Bundle

4 in 1 PowerPoint Presentation Bundle

When you are looking for versatility as well as the contemporary designs, then this bundle is what you should download and use. The slides that are within this bundle have various uses including being ideal for a personal presentation, corporate one and even for the creation of a sales pitch. The slides are simple and easy to edit, and you can also make your choice from a range of colours.

5. Slidehack’s 6 in 1 Powerpoint Bundle

Slidehack’s 6 in 1 Powerpoint Bundle

This is a bundle that will offer you unique products which can be useful in everyday employee communication, sales presentations and leadership presentations. With it, it will be easy to turn whatever idea you have into an amazing presentation that will be easy to understand by your audience. It features templates that are titled effective, persuasive one and two, diagrams, custom diagrams and social media. There are sets of icons included for your presentations.

6. 3B Powerpoint Bundle

3B Powerpoint Bundle

If you are looking for a useful, clean and creative business presentation template which can be used for various purposes, this is what you should be going for. It is the best to use for corporate presentations, organization presentations, creative presentations, company presentations among many others. There are light and dark options available and more than seventy unique slides that you can choose from. Font wise, there are more than five fonts used which are all available free of charge and a video tutorial to help you use the font step by step.

7. 3 in 1 Powerpoint Bundle V3.0

3 in 1 Powerpoint Bundle V3.0

With this pack, you get to use three of the best PowerPoint presentation templates for one affordable price. It has so many products to offer including over 2500 slides, 200 icons and links to pictures. The templates are highly customizable and you can choose from various color schemes. You can get ready to make a successful presentation with the template you will choose to use.

8. 5-in-1 Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

5-in-1 Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

This is the bundle that will give you 5-bestselling presentation templates that are unique and useful for any kind of purpose in any presentation you might have. In total, you will find that you can access more than 16000 slides with this bundle. There are five different templates and styles available, including a unique hand written slide. There are more than fifty color themes that have been premade.

9. Bundle Powerpoint Presentations

Bundle Powerpoint Presentations

With this bundle, you will be find three amazing templates that you can use for your next presentation. These have all been created with organization in mind, and making sure that you have a range of designs and colours to choose from for a stunning final presentation. There are more than 200 slides for you to make your selection.

10. Bestsellers Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Bestsellers Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

This bundle offers various products, each of which is unique and every product comes with different slides. This is the kind of bundle that has all what you need in order to turn any idea into a meaningful and effective presentation. It will be very easy to achieve your desired goals when using products within this bundle. You can take this bundle for use in different business areas, for instance everyday employee communication, leadership presentations and also sales presentations.

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, you have to ensure that you get it right. This way, your audience will be able to clearly understand what you are presenting and you will be confident enough to pass the message across. That is why it is important to make a good choice of a PowerPoint presentation template, which offers the best products and features. This will make thing easy for you and at the same time offer everything you will need for your presentations.