It doesn’t matter whether you run a tech based business or a regular one, you have to use the power of technology to stay ahead of your competition. In 2017, technology has made many parts of processing business easier than before. This article is all about the tech innovations that you can immediately start using to improve your business.

1. Google Drive

Google drive is a cloud service from Google where you can store all your important information about the company. Whether it is the financial data or the planning papers, you can keep it all there and access from wherever you want with your Google account. This is more secured than your computer and you can also easily share the files with other Google users with a few clicks. Storing and sharing file have never been easier than this.

2. HiverHQ

HiverHQ offers a very unique service which can harmonize your operation. When you are running a business, you have to deal with a lot of emails and it is often difficult to track everything from different email accounts. HiverHQ simply works with Google applications such as Gmail and showcases all of your emails and related message in an easy to access system which all of your employees can enjoy.

3. Wall St. Scanner

Wall St. Scanner is an application not only built for big businesses but for everyone. Big businesses have their own group of people who will scan stock market for them. This application is for everyone who is interested to know what is happening in his/her industry. This is important even if you do not have public shares of your company because stock market tells the future of an industry. It is your duty to be updated with things happening in your industry.
Wall St. Scanner

4. Post Planner

It is impossible to avoid the power of social media no matter what type of business you are into. Therefore, planners like Post Planner helps a lot to keep you on track. Post Planner is a website where you can schedule and plan your posts in advance so that you do not have to spend hours thinking about what to post on your social media accounts. Also, it is difficult for one person to be active on all social media, all the time. Post planner helps in that process.

5. Email Management

Sending emails to let your audience or customer know about your products, services and offerings have always worked well for the businesses. With the era of technology, this is more important than ever. Though the process or the idea of sending emails is not a new innovation, there are now advanced level marketing software and tools like Aweber for example that you can use to accelerate your marketing process. Another fact is that you do not want to go on to the spam folder of your consumers with your email. These tools make sure that you always land up in the main inbox.

6. Soonr

Soonr is a brilliant and modern tech innovation. This tool doesn’t only allow you to store your files on the cloud. It does a lot more than that. This tool allows you to create projects, assign files to your employees and much more. This is a cloud based co-working space which costs only around $10 a month with enough space and a lot of benefits.

Like other cloud services, you will be able to access the platform from anywhere you want using any device that you like. The data stored on the platform is safe and you will have a good time working there.
Cloud Services

7. Social Media

Some people might not consider social media as one of the “recent innovations” but they actually are very recent. The oldest one being Facebook, the era of social media just started. As a business, it is your duty to invest time and effort on all the social media platforms to communicate with your target audience. Marketing has changed overtime and now, the best way to promote your business is by being honest about your company in social media platform. Many have successfully established their business only with the power of one social media among many. There is no reason why you can’t take your business to the next step either.

8. Outsourcing Marketplaces

Outsourcing marketplaces like Upwork & Freelancer is a great place to start recruiting from all over the world. Recruiting freelancers come with a ton of benefits. If you are running a service based organization, you can easily run 24 hours with the help from people living in different time zones. Freelancers are more qualified for a task than an in house employee at times and also, it will not cost a lot for you to hire them. You can hire freelancers on a project basis so that you do not have to keep them on a monthly salary either. All in all, this is one of the finest tech innovations that you can start using in your business to get great results.

9. Digital Advertisement

Probably the biggest innovation in the world of business that became popular in last five years is digital marketing. Traditional marketing methods are very quickly going down where digital marketing is kicking in. Find the perfect platform where your target consumers spend most of their time and then run your marketing campaigns in that area.

You will surely receive a huge amount of response. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing methods and it brings more results too. It is a win-win situation if you know how to implement the idea.

10. Facial Recognition

Though facial recognition is not a very recent tech innovation, the innovation developed overtime and now it is better than ever before. Even a regular company will now be able to afford facial recognition devices to keep their data safe. If you have data that you want to protect in your company or if you care about the security of your information, you can easily implement facial recognition system in your office.