Web development is increasingly becoming crucial to many organizations and individuals all over the world. Reaching out to customers in different parts of the world is becoming very easy through use of websites and mobile applications that are developed by web developers. A lot of people today are more tech savvy than they were a few years ago, that is why it is important for web developers to know much more to be able to develop websites that are more useful and effective in helping organizations and individual users meet their targets and needs in the end. Working with various technologies can increase chances of success for web developers. Here are some of the most important technologies that web developers should familiarize themselves with so as to work more competently everyday:

1. Databases

All the data that you will create will be stored in the databases. A database is more or less like file cabinets that have folders filled with different types of files. There are two main types of databases that a web developer should know about: the SQL databases and the NoSQL databases. SQL databases are more structured, therefore they are the most preferred by a lot of users because with them you can easily check to see that all your data is correct and you can always validate the information you store in the database. The NoSQL database on the other hand is the best to use in the building and maintenance of applications.

2. Data Formats

These are the structures that define how the data will be stored in the databases. JSON is now the most popular data format in web development today and so many web developers are now using it. There is the XML as well, which was in use a few years ago when web develop0ment was just new. This is the format that was manly used by Microsoft. Another common data format web developers should know about is the CSV, which formats data using commas. This is mainly used to format data in Excel.

3. Browsers

Browsers are usually used to interpret the web. You will always use the browsers to request for information and when the request is received, the browser will present the information in a format that you can easily understand. There are various browser types you should know about as a web developer, for instance: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox among others.

4. Frameworks

You will need frameworks in order to make it easy to build and work with the programming languages. Frameworks are meant to make things easy for instance when you are setting up a new web application, all the repetitive tasks and difficult work is taken care of by the frameworks. Frameworks can do a lot of work for you and in other instances, make it easy for you to do some tasks. Some of the frameworks you should familiarize yourself with in web development are: bootstrap, Backbone.js, ionic, wordpress, meteor, foundation, Angula.js, Ember.js among others.

5. API

This is an interface for application programming. One application developer creates an API in order to allow other developers to use some of its functionalities without sharing its code. Other developers will use the end points, which are more or less like the outputs and inputs of the application. There are API keys which are used by the developer to control access to the API. Google has for instance created some APIs for their web services.

6. Programming languages

These are ways through which you communicate to computers in order to give them instruction on what you want done in web development. Just as there are so many languages spoken in the world today, there are so many types of programming languages in use today, which web developers should be aware of. All programming languages are important in the same way, therefore there is no programming language that is superior to the others. You can master a few or more of these languages if you want. Here are some of the languages you can try out: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Java, Go, CoffeeScript among others.

7. Backend

Backend is mainly made up of your database and server. This is where all the functions, data manipulation and methods take place during web development. Anything that happens in the backend is not supposed to be seen by your clients.

8. Protocols

These are instructions that come consistently on how information should be passed between to and from computers and devices. HTTP is an example of a protocol, and this communicates how every website will get to your browser. There are other protocols that web developers should familiarize themselves with, which are for instance REST and DDP.

9. Server

The server side is where the code that is used in the development of the application is naturally stored. Clients will make requests to the server and the server will gather all the information needed in order to respond to the requests by the clients.

10. Libraries

These are groups of bits and pieces of codes that enable a large functionality without requiring you to write the entire code yourself. They are meant to make work easier for web developers and using libraries can help you finish your projects faster. Libraries ensure that your work is correct and they also ensure that your applications are working well in different types of browsers and devices. Examples of some of the libraries you should familiarize yourself with are jQuery and Underscore.


Web development is an easy thing to do when you know what you need and you have it all at your fingertips. Developing a functional application is not an easy thing but with the help of great technologies, you can have an easy time, develop a website faster and even develop websites that are useful to the end users. Web developers therefore should familiarize themselves with all the technologies that are already there to make web development easy and successful.