As a graphic designer, you are constantly looking for an edge when it comes to what you have to offer, as that is the best way to stand apart from all other designers in the market. One of the best ways to get that edge is to use a remarkable font that is unexpected and unusual.

Additionally, graphic designers do not want to be repetitive and cliché, especially the really good ones so its not uncommon to find some random thoughts turning into fonts.  As you go through this selection of ten unusual fonts, you may find the inspiration that you need to create your own font from your active imagination. Here are ten fonts that have an unusual edge.

1. The Beard Font

The Beard Font
This is one of those creative fonts that is not very readable or elegant, but it gets top marks for being unusual and a conversation starter. This is because a bearded man is not typically associated with the creation of a font. When seeking an unusual font, you need to ensure that it is unique and creative. This will give your work an edge that often cannot be quantified.

2. The Syringe Font

The Syringe Font
This is a creative font that you would expect will remind you of hospitals or medicines, yet in a strange way, it does not. It is creative and interesting, and can be associated with something scary. It is unusual in that you will spend some time looking at it, trying to ascertain how the syringes have been put together to get the final result.

3. Elixir Typography

Elixir Typography
As a graphic designer, you cannot limit your creativity to the rules of design. This is a font that is unusual because it breaks the barrier of the norm. It is a combination of several design elements, the first being the font itself and the second being the small bubbles around it. This is an artistic font that is highly creative.

4. Architects’ text

Architects’ text
Architects are known for their precision and ensuring that everything is the right measurement and size. This font takes that to the extreme, finding an unusual way to display the concept of architecture.

The geometric shapes and the angular lines are retro inspired. This font makes the list because looking at it makes it possible to create the human emotion of nostalgia.

5. The Hair Type Font

The Hair Type Font
When creating an unusual font, it helps when the font does not appear to be flat in nature. This font appears to have the illusion of some texture, which makes it stand out and interesting to look at. This is an excellent font to use on a creative website, perhaps not for an actual hair dresser, but maybe a funny blog or for a comic show.

6. The Blox Font

The Blox Font
This font has two major elements that make it unique. To begin with, there are the wide blocks that appear to put the letters together. Then there is the use of light for effect on the font. It has a light and dark interplay that helps to create an illusion of a text that is considerably bold. There is also the illusion of a mirror image below, which makes the font appear cool.

7. Graffiti Font

Graffiti Font
There is no shortage of the different types of graffiti fonts that are now available online, so when you are making a selection of an unusual graffiti font, it will come down to your own personal choice. This font was added to the list because of the way that it plays on color which is unusual.

The bright colors are what make this font stand out. Additionally, this font fully embodies the ethos of the graffiti style. This is that the font is freeform, freehand that is not guided by the stereotypical rules that govern font creation. This would include having only one or two colors in a letter. This font style allows for brighter the color combinations which adds to its overall appeal.

8. Liquido Fluid

Liquido Fluid
The name of this font gives a clear indication as to what you can expect, and looking at it, expectations are met. It is almost like an optical illusion, and it is unusual as it appears to be moving. This means that when you look at it for a long period, you may find yourself looking away as your eyes and brain work to comprehend this font.

This is the font that you should use if you really want people to stare at your message for a longer period of time. It reveals a perfectly unique way to create movement and definitely gets our vote.

9. Crosses

A font does not necessarily have to denote letters; you may choose to create a code using certain symbols. That is what is happening with this unusual font that has been created from a variety of crosses. This font reveals a set of symbols, which graphic designers and those that have to read the font can enjoy trying to discern.

10. The 3D Font

This is an interesting and unusual font as it appears to literally be trying to escape its placement on the page. This effect makes the font appear to be in 3D, which means that you may believe that you can even touch the font and lift it off the page. The word up in this sense makes you actually want to look up, as though doing so will reveal something extremely interesting.

Any graphic designer that is looking to establish themselves as unique will pay attention to an unusual font. There are so many different ways that you can alter a font. The most unusual fonts may have interesting qualities related to their size, or their colors could inspire emotion, and the use of texture could make them express a message more clearly. There is no limit to what can be turned into a font, and your most creative idea could be the next best contribution to typography.