Designing is one of the most amazing jobs you can have and if you spend time with any designer, you will find that they love what they do. This is because they actually get paid to express themselves. As much as it would be nice to imagine the road to design is clear and simple, there are some things that drive designers up the wall. When these occur, the process of design becomes annoying, and one may even lose their inspiration for a moment. Here are some of these issues that you can easily identify with if you are a designer:

1. Overused Fonts
Overused Fonts
One thing that does not really go well with designers is a perfect and worthy font that has been used over and over again on everything. Fonts are supposed to stay novel so that they will look fresh every time they are used but if they cross over to cliché, you should know that designers will freak out when they see them. Design is different from publication, so it needs variety to establish it as such.

2. Spec Work
Spec Work
Potential clients often underestimate the time and effort that goes into design work, and will ask for free options or barter with things when it comes to paying a designer. This is something that drives designers nuts. Normally, one will waste a considerable amount of effort as their work is compared with another designer at will. It is better to hire your designer and then give instructions as to your requirements. If he is good enough, he will do his best to prove it.

3. Working For “Exposure”
I don't work for free copy
In as much as exposure may be good for the future, working for exposure does not really work for designers. Designers work for the pay not really for experience. Sometimes clients fail to understand that these designers have needs as well. Some clients will even take advantage of not paying for the designs well or not paying at all simply because they think you care about the experience more.

4. $5 Logo Designs
Logo Design
Apparently today, it is very possible to get a ‘professionally-designed logo’ for as low as $5. This may sound like someone is out there to ruin the industry but what really happens is that one always gets what they pay for in the end. If a client wants a good design and is working on a budget, it is better to hire an experienced designer than to go for the cheap design.

5. Design By Committee
Design by Committee
It is not all the time that diverse perspectives and opinions work for the final design. Many people want to please other people and they overlook what they really want in order to include that one detail that their colleague, friend or even family member thinks is great. What you get in the end is a messed up design because of too many ideas that are not even intermarrying.

6. Break the Internet
Break the Internet
Graphic designers are going to translate what is in your mind into a visual masterpiece. They are not however, meant to increasing your popularity by breaking the internet. Do not expect your designer to work a miracle for your sales and marketing. It is up to you to get some people to your site and the design work will make sure that they are interacting.

7. Making Things “Pop”
Making things Pop
There are certain phrases that you should never use with your graphic designer, especially if you want to remain on their good side. It is better for you to tell your graphic designer what you want in your design, which colors they should focus on, your preferred font and so on, but do not tell them that what you want is for them to make it pop.

8. Changing Something Just to See
Change Something
It is annoying for designers when a person likes what they have done, but want it to be changed just to see what it could possibly look like in a different version. This is something that will kill the morale of a designer on the spot.

9. Their Previous Work
Previous Work
Most creatives get better with time, and find their earlier works embarrassing and missing in crucial detail. Taking a designer back to something that they did years earlier can be quite annoying, rather than flattering. Allow them to express their creativity as it exists in the moment.

10. Working in Microsoft word
Microsoft word
No designer wants to work in Microsoft word, period. Microsoft Word is not a software that has been created for the primary purpose of design. The problem is that almost every graphic designer finds themselves dealing with is such a request from their clients, who may be using Microsoft Word themselves.

11. Working For Friends and Family
Friends and Family
Things do not always work out well when you design for a friend or family, which is why it is always good to ask for a referral if you have a friend or a family member who is a well-known designer. Many people end up disagreeing badly when they take projects from their friends and family, that is why it is good to avoid it before it affects your relationship.

12. Being asked To work like Someone Else
Someone Else
Designers are different and each of them wants to shine in their own way, without having to copy or work like another designer. Just the same way plagiarism is not allowed in writing, designers should not copy anyone else’s work. Besides, a designer wants to shine in his own uniqueness.

In as much as designing is fun and highly rewarding, there are things that can really annoy a designer at one time or another. Some of these things are those that are said to them by their clients. If you are a graphic designer, you probably identify with everything on this list. It is important to note that these pet peeves and how they come about are common among all designers, therefore do not feel bad. Designing, just like other jobs has its highs and lows.