Sunset in Winter

Running out of ideas and getting frustrated is much easier than coming up with new ideas and being happy about. People who have blogged on will probably know of The Daily Post. It gives readers a daily, weekly and monthly prompt as a challenge that tons of people take part in.

It’s great because not only does it help you gain more attention, it also helps you learn more about writing and how-to create creative stories. I myself haven’t participated in a while, I have to admit, but it that is only because I am busy with writing for my blogs and other sites I write for.

Writing prompts take care of the part where we have to come up with an idea, someone giving you a ready made prompt takes that part away and you can straight away dive into the story. I prefer telling a story over statements. I like to involve a couple of characters and create a scene out of the prompt. How do you like to write prompts?

25 Creative Writing Prompt Ideas for All Ages

I plan to create a couple of posts in the future that will feature creative images as writing prompts, another way of getting the inspirational and creative engines going.

Writing Prompt Tips

» If I say to write about an bite in an apple, don’t go as far as the farmer planting the apple tree and what happened until it had grown fully. Try not to go too far in the past of the “event”.

» Less thinking, more writing. These are “creative” writing prompts. You can write whatever you want and still get a kick out of it.

» If you don’t feel like it, don’t write about it and choose another one.

I have tried to create these prompts as children friendly as possible, in case you are looking to present these to your children. It can definitely help them grow and learn more about themselves. I don’t own children myself, but I know it’s something I would do. :)

  1. Write about a white coat with a stain on it.
  2. One piece of candy left on the table.
  3. How did the puppy find way back home?
  4. Where did the mother go when the baby was sick?
  5. Use these words in a story: racket, pool, brown bread.
  6. Describe the day of your birthday.
  7. Write how you ended up looking for writing prompts.
  8. Who are your 3 favorite people in the world?
  9. How does the ink get on the paper?
  10. What were the last 3 coincidences you experienced.
  11. What do you see when you walk around?
  12. Describe the smell of flowers blossoming in spring.
  13. Describe the cold winter days.
  14. Use these words in a story: meditation, social contact, relaxation
  15. Write about how useful the computer is and what is the one thing it does best.
  16. Who was the last person you were in contact with? Describe it.
  17. What happens when the rain is pouring? How do you feel?
  18. How does music have an impact on you? What does it make you think and do?
  19. Write about your favorite foods and why you like them so much.
  20. Describe the feeling of holidays. (Christmas, Easter, etc,.)
  21. Write about why school is not interesting.
  22. What are your favorite TV shows? Why? What do you learn from them?
  23. Write about 3 intellectual animals.
  24. Use these words in a story: screen, wooden, oil
  25. What is your absolutely the most favorite thing in the world? Write about it.

These writing prompts should keep you going for at least a month. I didn’t spend too much time thinking about them, but they clearly sparked ideas even in my own mind. I know you might think some of these are impossibly stupid, but you have to realize that exactly those are the ones you should be writing about. In such moments is when true inspiration comes, when we pass the barriers.

You are more than welcome to submit your own ideas in the comment section. There are countless variations we can create using the above techniques. It’s good to create a mix of emotions, experiences and free writing. Learning about all of the aspects of writing, not just one.