Selling On Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces and if you don’t already have clients on there, you should definitely tell them about the benefits of selling on this platform. Shoppers ordered 28 million items from Amazon’s third-party vendors in 2016. Here are four things to know when selling your products on Amazon.

1. Understanding the Buy Box

Amazon SettingImage via Flickr by C_osett
The first thing you need to understand about Amazon selling is the Buy Box. This is the start of the buying process. Sellers who lose on this page won’t make sales on Amazon. So, your primary goal is teaching your client how to win the Buy Box.
What you must understand is that countless sellers offer the same products on Amazon. Effective sellers differentiate their products by offering the best prices. You should sell a product at a respectable markup to make a profit, but also ensure that you keep the price low enough that it beats many competitors. Also, your price always has to beat Amazon’s. Otherwise, the Buy Box will sell Amazon’s version of the product ahead of yours.

2. Product Feed Suggestions

Product Feed Suggestions
Other than pricing, product ads are the most important feature of Amazon selling. You should pay attention to a few key components. For starters, the product title has a 200-character limit. You want to create one that’s long enough to attract plenty of search results. You also need one that’s short enough that a person can read the title and get a clear description of what you’re selling. It’s a tricky balance.
Your title should emphasize brand names, as those attract loyal customers. It should also use keywords, a critical element in attracting lots of page views for seller listings. Plenty of keyword hacks exist, but the most important thing to do is think about the purchase process from the buyer’s perspective. What’s the person seeking? Will your listing have the keywords that will show up in an applicable search? Those are the primary keyword concepts.

3. What Amazon Security Covers

Amazon Security Covers
Amazon offers buyers an A-to-Z Guarantee claim. Some sellers worry about the leniency of this practice. The important part of the claim is that sellers always have the chance to make things right with customers before a refund. You can also get more Amazon protection by participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
Another security aspect to keep in mind is that hackers target Amazon often. You should use accepted security practices to secure your account. That’s especially true if your client uses Amazon Web Services, the most frequent target of hackers.

4. Amazon Review Score

Amazon Review Score
Seller ratings are another crucial part of selling on Amazon. Buyers will see what past customers have thought of the shopper experience. A higher grade is so important that anyone with a low grade will struggle to sell any products. Your clients should aim for 100-point grades from almost all their customers. Any seller with a grade under 95 will suffer sales losses due to customer wariness.

Your clients need to sell on Amazon to maximize their potential sales. Follow the four tips listed here to help your clients become Amazon power sellers. Your clients will feel indebted and loyal to you.