The computer has taken considerable space in our lives. Especially in the industries, be it banks, hospitals, automobiles, and so on. Therefore, for anything from storing to analyzing, computers have become essential in our lives. With the emerging influence of computers, knowing programming languages becomes very favorable and useful. 

Pick your choice and get started

And with so many new languages for mobile, web applications, or game development, you can choose your preferred level, such as beginner, moderate, or expert. But, it is always better to know at least a few prominent and popular programming languages. Thus, down below, we have listed the five best programming languages for web development for the year 2020, as recommended by one of the prominent providers — Ukrainian web development company. These languages should be your best bet when you’re looking forward to skyrocketing your programmer career. 

1. Python

Python programming

Without a doubt, Python easily becomes one of the best programming languages of 2020 out there, and rightly so. It is not just fast, but also very easy to learn, use, and deploy. Famous for developing web applications, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest are all developed with the help of Python. It can also be used to create GUI-based applications for desktop, network servers, data science, and machine learning. It is excellent for beginners as it provides excellent support for a library and has thorough community support. For acing interviews, knowing Python can always give you a strong head start. 

2. C/C++

C or CPlus Plus programming

C/C++ is a fundamental computer programming language as in all systems of the low level (namely, operating systems and file systems) are written in C/C++. Therefore, it becomes impertinent to learn C/C++. Along with that, C/C++ is swift and stable, which makes it popular for competitive programs. Along with that, it also provides something called a Standard Template Library, or an STL. It is a collection of ready libraries for several arithmetic operations, data structures, and so on. 

3. Java


Java has been around for 24 years and is another prevalent programming language. It is an object-oriented program. It does not require any specific infrastructure for hardware. It also offers excellent security and is very easy when it comes to management. Compared to C++ or C, Java is much easier to learn. It is useful for creating highly functional platforms and programs and thus is a prominent choice for developing applications for Android. Despite being perhaps one of the oldest programming languages, due to its stability, Java is going strong in the business. And because there are over a million Android users, knowledge about Java becomes a huge plus point for your career. 

4. Javascript


Javascript is also known as NodeJS and is a popular language. It is especially more popular among developers who specialize in client-side and server-side programming. It allows you several things, such as setting up buttons, creating animations, or managing multimedia. It is a reliable and efficient language as it offers quick and regular updates annually. Platforms, such as Uber, Netflix, and PayPal, and many more, employ Javascript to create brilliant web pages that are very fast and are incredibly secure. An advantageous language that you can learn in 2020.

5. Kotlin


Kotlin is the first language of Android and is a general-purpose language with a type of interference. It is made in such a way that it can be inter-operated with Java completely, which makes it fun and easy. In it, you will find a flawless combination of functional programming and object-oriented features. It is effortless to learn, has open sources. Just like Java, because there are so many Android users, knowing about this programming language could prove to be very useful, especially for your career. Also, it gets a lot of promotion from Google, possibly more than Java, making it a language that has a compelling future. 

Future of programming languages

In the end, all these programming languages are trendy, and knowing them will give a boost to your career. To put it down precisely, JavaScript and Python are preferred in the world of start-ups, while Java is more for the corporate world. C/C++, on the other hand, is perfect for building scalable and low-latency systems. However, Kotlin is a hot programming language that is efficient and more modern and updated. Depending on which industry you are thinking of entering, knowing which language is more popular can help you out. Therefore, take reference from this article to choose which programming language you should learn.