Page Optimization

To begin with, let us first understand why a landing page is so crucial to your marketing campaign, so much so, that you should rack your brains over the landing page mistakes that you may be making right now, and how that impacts your online marketing campaign. A landing page is to your marketing campaign; what platforms are to stations. Without a proper platform, traffic will come and go, but they won’t know where to stop. Neither, can an eager passenger (in your case potential customer) come on board. The crux of the matter, therefore, remains that without a deftly designed landing page, your online marketing campaign will come to little or no avail.

Now, that you have glimpsed at the importance of a landing page, let us take a look at its purpose. Broadly speaking, landing pages serve two important purposes: you could either use it to generate leads from online advertising or to ‘warm up’ your target audience to a particular product or service before pushing them further down the sales funnel.

Typically speaking, optimising a landing page is the art of wooing existing customers to make purchases rather than constantly pinning for the new ones.

Here are 5 common mistakes that could be deterring you from the desired outcome. Fix them now to make the most of your online marketing campaign.

Landing Page Mistakes

Homepage vs. Landing Page(not understanding the difference) –

A homepage is like the hallway; it opens the pathway for other rooms in your home. It gives an overall idea of what the rest of the house might look, like but landing page is like the master bedroom. It is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Unlike the homepage, the landing page is not meant to encourage exploration.

Your landing page is a standalone unit designed specifically to ensure that the objectives of a particular marketing campaign is effectively met with. The more the number of links (think of them as leaks) on your landing page, the more facility you are providing for attention dilution of your target. A lead generation landing page should enable your audience to do one thing, and one thing alone: fill up the online registration form in lieu of whitepapers, newsletters or free e-books or whatever it is that you are offering. A click-through landing page should serve the sole purpose of informing your audience about the product or the service that you are pitching, finally leading them to a call-to-action that will enable them to make a purchase.

If your online marketing endeavour is suffering due to a leaky landing page that diverts the target’s attention to more than one purpose, it is time to deal with it right now.

Major Goal for Landing Page

Lukewarm Call-to- Actions (letting your audience think that they have time) –

Could the want of insistence in your landing page be one reason why you are not getting the number of desired conversions? Most definitely. If your Call to Action (CTA) says sometime like “Call us @ XYZ”, it gives your target way too much time to lift the receiver. May be that’s where you are losing the battle for your target’s attention. There seem to be just too many players online, lurking around to prey on your lead’s minds. Instead you have to make your CTA sound like “Call us now @ XYZ”. But that’s not all, you have to give your audience a valid reason that will make them respond to the stimulus. How about leveraging a limited period offer (along with a ticking time clock to show that time is running out)?

Lack of urgency is a common mistake that marketers commit, and it is just as easy to rectify. A small tweak in your landing page can get you closer to the desired results.

Poor Aesthetics (showing up for your corporate job interview in your pyjamas) –

Sounds hilarious, doesn’t it? If only they were going to stick to your experience and qualification, but unfortunately that is not how it works, now, does it? An unprofessionally designed landing page could be the reason that’s holding back your marketing campaigns from exploring its full potential. Moreover, it just puts your reputation as a brand or business at stake. Be sure to optimize your landing page with soothing fonts, consistent font size, high definition product images, properly done layout and a relevant colour scheme. Here’s what your landing page should not have: unexpected sounds, jarring colours and way too many pop-ups. This will give you a competitive edge over those marketers who seem to avoid paying attention to such details (and it should not come as a surprise if we told you that the internet is flocking with the type of those).

Primary Headline

Mismatched Messages (when what you say is not what they see) –

The performance of your marketing campaign will largely depend on how well you maintain the message scent between the ad and the landing page. Put yourself into your audience’s shoes and try to think, how will you feel if the ad text read something like “50% off on Dell Inspiration 9000” and the next thing you know is you have landed on a page that reads as “Welcome to Dave’s Computer Store”. Wow, nice! So cordial of him and all, but now what? That’s not what you were looking for, was it? Sensitive and (understandably) impatient as you are, as a customer you will feel cheated out of your time. There, the damage is done, the trust is lost.

If only the landing page headline read as “Get 50% off on Dell Inspiration 9000 at Dave’s Computer Store” wouldn’t it have made much more sense? You would happily scroll done to find the CTA to guide you further and yes, your potential consumer would do just the same.

Slow Landing Page

Slow page load –

First things first, your online audience has an attention span that will make monkeys turn green with envy. So, all you have are those 10 seconds at the start. If your landing page takes more time to load, you have lost the battle already before it truly began. Here is how you can optimise your landing page to load faster: use fewer JavaScripts, adequately optimise images and html scripts and cut down unnecessary external calls. You could also host the site on cloud servers for good speed.

So, there you go, now that you have rightly spotted the most common bugs that was plaguing your landing page, it’s time to address these pesky issues and give your marketing campaign a better shot at bringing in conversions. Get going then, keep revisiting this post to make sure you are not leaving anything out.