Why is technology important? And why should students be interested in learning how it works? In a world where everything is online and everybody is constantly connected, we should stop for a minute and understand what’s going on and why technology is changing our lifestyles so radically. In this article, we are quickly going to go through the importance of technology and explain why young students should consider deepening their knowledge of technology. 

1. Knowing Technology to Understand Our World

Our lives and the way the world works completely changed since the invention of technology. It gives us thousands and thousands of possibilities, we can get online with just a click and access a lot of free resources. For example, students can read and write papers and essays and useful research information, not to mention that technology is also used in hospitals to save lives. The importance of technology must not be underestimated because, ultimately, if you want to understand how the world works, first you need to know how its most used tool works, and that is technology. 

2. Technology can Prevent Drug Abuse

Some things have not changed with time. Even though everybody knows drug is extremely damaging for the human body, this knowledge is not enough to prevent people from abusing it. Drug abuse is especially common among students who are subjected to stress in order to get good grades for their essays and papers. Something that they may not know is that the importance of technology goes beyond simply getting information online or entertaining us at our spare time. For example, drug abuse essay example may not only help students with writing their own essays but also raise their awareness.  Learning about this can really help the student change their attitude towards drugs.

3. Technology Gets the Work Done for You

How many times in one day do you get the need to go online and research the topic you are curious about? Whether you are working on a school essay or you are just looking for something you want to know, you probably use a laptop or a smartphone multiple times a day. Well, technology allows us to do things we couldn’t even have imagined twenty years ago, an example is how easy it’s become to just talk with a friend who lives on the other side of the world, for free and with just a click on your phone. But this is not all, can you imagine writing all your school papers by hand? Luckily you don’t have to do that, you just need to type on your laptop. And what if you could just talk and the laptop would write what you say? That’s possible too, and we have the technology to thank for all of this. Not to mention that, if you really don’t want to write your papers, with technology, you can access tons of online resources that can get your essay done for you.

4. Get to Know Your Interests and Endless Possibilities

Every time we use technology, we can learn something new. Through laptops and internet connection we can discover new interests and increase our knowledge, you might learn more about a sport you love, or you might sample all kinds of information to get a general understanding of what interests you. But the importance of technology is not limited to hobbies and school papers, technology is what brought the human race to space, it’s what allows us to explore the bottom of the oceans and it’s also how we can learn to cure cancer. Technology offers you the chance to learn all of this information for free and nothing can stop you from using it and increase your personal value.

5. Technology for Your Future

Why is technology important for your future? Well, here we are not just talking about knowing how to research different topics on Google or how to get a free essay online, we are talking about technology potentially increasing your skillset in order to help you find a job after your studies are completed. The importance of technology is only going to increase, and the world is undoubtedly going to need skilled people that are able to understand how this powerful tool works and how to get the most out of everything it offers. Especially because new computers, smartphones and tablets are being developed every day, and every time new devices come out, they have different and newest features to discover and exploit. If you are unsure of what you want to do and become after you are done with school, then try to stop for a minute and consider going in the technology field; the world is going to need many people that are able to keep up with the speed of technology and you might be one of them.


These were 5 of the main reasons why a student should be crazy about technology, it’s the foundation of the future and it’s how the world is going to move forward. Don’t let anything stop you from learning about it because endless possibilities can open up for you and your future.