Mobile technology is growing at an accelerated rate, and many business people are finding it very useful to reach out to multiple consumers at the same time. In most businesses today, mobile technology is now more important, and the demand for it seems to be increasing every day. Mobile innovation is receiving a great reception and also brings hope of better trends in the future for many business people. This is made possible by some of the best tech drifts that have emerged in the recent past, which are making the use of mobile technology effective and worth while for many users. When it comes to mobile innovation, here are some of the tech drifts that could drive its next wave:


1. Mobile apps that are self serviced and data driven

Accessing data from mobile apps is much easier today for many businesses but what is missing is the ability for one to create their own mobile app in a business. That is why new mobile technologies are coming up with platforms and tools that can enable business people to create their own mobile apps that are self serviced and also data driven. Majority of businesses in operation today need an operational mobile app that will deliver information to their clients as well as make it easy for their clients to connect to the businesses. With this technology, mobile apps can be created to enable business people to access data from various systems. With safety guaranteed, this is a mobile trend that will definitely grow, and help bring a host of benefits to different users.

2. Progression of machine learning

The development of machine learning, together with flow and projective analytic technologies, is fueling mobile analytic solutions that will be very useful to the next generation. This technology started with basic business metrics, for instance, user engagement and retention and some operational metrics like the API calls and app crashes. With machine learning, predictive analysis, and stream data processing today, a business person is able to access mobile data that was impossible to access in the past. For instance, one can make real time queries over streams of mobile data that have a mass of varying information through the use of modern stream analytic technology. With machine learning technology, you can predict real time actions in a certain mobile app. You can also choose what to display in a given mobile app accurately. There are many functions that are available today that were not available in the past, and this has all been made possible through new technologies. This is totally a new skill that is expected to take mobile innovation by a storm and can already be seen in the few platforms that have started using it.

3. Deep linking

This entails use of a uniform resource identifier that will link to a specific location in a mobile app instead of launching a new app altogether. Users can deep link to content even before an app is already installed. At the moment, this is one of the most popular drifts in the mobile technology, which enables users to access information from various mobile apps with ease. With it, you will be able to launch a mobile application using specific items such as images, the home screen, and user profiles among others. This tech drift has made it easy for users to enjoy app discoveries, and to get more out of them. From a business perspective, a business person can easily bring together mobile apps that are unified using deep links in order to derive information or data from them. This way, you can get independent feedback and perform certain tasks while you are still communicating with other mobile apps that are related to each other.

4. New app development stacks that can be used across platforms

The use of local mobile app development stacks that are cross platform is always received well by users. This is because they do not have to keep choosing different web development stacks whenever they are changing their platform. With the new drifts, new app development stacks will be used that can be applied to all the different platforms. There are so many benefits that come with such app development stacks. For instance, an easy experience in the development of mobile apps as well as great features that will make your app development a success. Business people will find it easy to use new app development stacks in areas of testing, security, and distribution. Mobile app development no longer has to be an uphill task with the new technologies.

5. Application streaming

Mobile application streaming is another great technology drift that is seen to have great potential in creating a market for mobile apps. With this technology, you are able to stream data, entire apps, or even access content on demand from a central and secured location. Features like these are what will see many business people adopt mobile apps across a variety of different industries. Security has always been a major concern for business people who want to go mobile, and as mobile innovation continues, business people from all over the world can worry less about insecurity as they stream data or content. Google has already started using app streaming technology and many users are benefiting from it.

Mobile technologies are emerging at an exponential rate as business people and individual users look for ways through which they can reach out to many people as possible simultaneously. With a lot of focus on mobile devices these days, this is a trend that should continue to grow. It is pretty hard to predict how things will look in a few years to come, however, based on how the technology has been advancing, and the expectations of mobile users, these are some of the tech drifts you can look out for in order to get the best out of the mobile innovation.