Top 5 Advantages of VPS Hosting for Your Business

VPS, otherwise known was Virtual Private Server, is a way of hosting your website securely with the ability to have root access to the server. In other words, a shared hosting plan is shared between multiple users and websites – while it’s completely fine to host on shared hosting, for businesses it’s advised to use at least a VPS hosting account to have higher control over the business and the whole file system.

There is no shortage for the variety of hosting services and companies out there. VPS has managed to stay around, even after realistic cloud services were introduced. (These days, most VPS servers are hosted on the cloud anyway!) When opening a new business or a startup – it’s important to have your website hosted somewhere where it feels safe, and supportive.

With billions of users browsing the web and many more joining, you need powerful resources to stay afloat when all of the traffic is coming your way.

We could argue for days, whether a VPS server is necessary for a business, I’d like to go over just a couple of advantages that such a server provides, and maybe even make you reconsider your strategy. I will be more than happy to help you out with making the right decision, get in touch if you need help!

Dedicated Server Quality

Buying a separate dedicated server would end up costing you thousands every year, just because someone has said a dedicated server provides optimal performance – doesn’t mean he is necessary right. It’s more than likely that a company is simple looking to take your money away from you.

VPS provides dedicated server quality at tens of times lower prices. The average VPS price is around $10 for 512MB/Ram, 3TB/Bandwidth and 50GB/Space. That is an amazing quality service for that price, and really goes to show how quality meets demand.

Because of how the VPS server is constructed, you can expect to receive the best performance, stability and security. The three main ingredients for anyone who wants to show the world they are serious about their hosting and business.

Complete Security Package

On a shared hosting your risk of getting higher is the highest of all, because of how a shared hosting is constructed – getting access to just one website on the server could lead the hacker getting access to all of the websites on the shared server, it’s really important to remember this – especially if you’re a business that deals with sensitive data or other similar types of sensitive material.

The beauty of VPS hosting is that you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting access to your server, although VPS is shared between one big server – everyone else runs on their own “nodes“, which means that your initial account is completely locked to anyone but you.

VPS Server SecurityFor online shops, I’d recommend using a VPS server, to guarantee safe shopping for your customers. You might think that having backup plugins, or protecting login pages from attackers will always work – real hackers use more than just bruteforce attacks to gain access to your business and the data it holds.

World Class Stability

You can always find a shared hosting company that will not use all of their allocated servers, all at once. Though, eventually it is bound to happen and you might pay a high price for having your website load slowly, making it painful for your potential and current customers to browse your business homepage.

VPS hosting provides the stability and reliability you need, at all times. In most cases, a VPS server will not consume more than 50% of the available resources at any given time, leaving the extra 50% when a traffic spikes start happening.

ROOT Access; Full Server Control

VPS gives you the ability to have full control over your server by having a ‘root’ user account which has got all of the permissions to modify the server to your own liking. It might prove to be challenging to learn Linux and how to host websites with it, but it’s nothing hard – and there are always some control panels available that you can use.

Linux Bash Terminal - Art

When you host with shared, you’re given pre-configured server with the control panel that was first available, and sometimes such setup is simply not enough.

For example, if you would like to increase site speed with Google PageSpeed, you could only do it by having full ‘root’ access to the server as it requires installing the appropriate Apache modules, something that not every hosting company is gonna be willing to do.

High Demand for Better Prices

Like I said at the beginning of the post, VPS servers are a market in itself and the prices for a decent quality server are completely astonishing, in a really good way. You could literally save yourself money by having a VPS server, than to pay yearly payments and fees for a shared account.

Most of the time, VPS server will come with an integrated dedicated IP address – something you’d have to pay for on a shared hosting account.

When you decide on starting a business, a new interactive project or simply a new startup idea – think twice and consider getting a VPS hosting account, it will give you all of the control in the World, and that is exactly what you are going to need when working in a fast paced environment.

I hope the way I put it together made perfect sense why a VPS server is going to win over a shared hosting account, any time of the day. If you’ve got any favorite VPS hosting companies you have been a customer to, let everyone know how good their service was in the comments below!