The coronavirus might be the reason 5G is not yours yet. The Chinese people are more likely to see the technology first. People would assume otherwise considering where the virus originated.

As far as America and Europe go, the setbacks will show. Powerhouses like Apple (AAPL) won’t release new technology that will change the game soon.

We are all hoping that the economy will pick itself up in the months to come. Read on to know about opportunities in the 5G technology sector and how coronavirus affects it.

It is amazing how fast technology is evolving. Some say that the 5G might be a fad that will pass too. To know what may lay beyond 5G technology, here is an article on the StocksReviewed blog.


4G was the change that the world was looking for, and investors got good for their money’s worth. The fifth-generation is going to change the playing field in many ways

 For the average, 5G speed is going to be GB per second. So, downloading is spontaneous. The technology will also help leed to advancements in other sectors like biotechnology

The impact of 5G can add as much money as the worth of India to the global economy. It will affect education, retail, transportation, entertainment, along with other industries. We are looking at 12.3 trillion dollars worth of products and services in association to 5G

Wearable technology and the internet of things are going to do well with customers. We could be even looking at smart cities where everything is cooperating.

Smarter cars, surgery set up and traffic systems pave the way for organization and success. The companies are making money from the transformation rely on the fastest internet providers. This may mean software and smartphone companies or computer and chip manufacturers,


Coronavirus affects two aspects of the tech industry. The first one is infrastructure and the second one is using. Verizon and AT&T are Infrastructure providers. They might have the capacity to produce premium infrastructure, but they won’t make much without users. 

If you are not working due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might be hard for you to get a 5G device. If that is the case, the value of infrastructure will fall. On the other hand, if you are well off or working from home, get a 5G device. You can afford 5G for your family, and countless stakeholders will win.

Another factor is market penetration and how long it takes. Just look at 4G technology, it was slow to reach the customers. Half the world is still to see 4G. So 3G to 5G cross overs are in the breeze. 

We saw a promising start for smartphones in the stock market. Sadly it did not continue for long. In terms of units, smartphones have fallen 5%-7%. So, in other words, people are not buying smartphones in this pandemic. 

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Apple is waiting it out until the right opportunity comes by. 5G iPhones may come out in the holidays, but it’s uncertain. 

The experts say that 5G sales might go from 50 million to 200 million units in 2020. COVID-19 is not a friend in building momentum

Qualcomm makes chips for iPhones. They are second to none when it comes to making mobile chips. The company also made a lot of money selling around 200 million 5G compatible headsets.

The precedent of Qualcomm, Cristiano, thinks that coronavirus will do good once the pandemic is over. Everyone will dive in to purchase all at once.


Americans have less of a disposable income then what should have been. For that reason, buying a new phone might not be a top priority. 

In China, 5G devices are doing well. It’s just cheaper from manufacturer to price tag in China.

Carriers are putting in 5G infrastructure faster as a result of the coronavirus shutdown. They will have both 4G and 5G out of which the obvious will stay once the pandemic ends.


The coronavirus hurt the most in China. However, the population is massive, and smartphone sales did not succumb. They are in front of Europe and America.

There is more infrastructure in China as a result of a trade war with America. If cutbacks are resulting from coronavirus, then it will be in 4G, not 5G.

Overall, the stock value of 5G is doing better in China in comparison to Europe and America. T-Mobile and Sprint are companies with significant 5G investments. 

Whether you are in China or the west, we as people guide the way. The time is now to promote 5G technology to compensate for the coronavirus delay.

Who Is Investing in 5G?

People who are in the habit of investing in the technology sector will invest as will newcomers. Investors with more experience will invest in specific stock now and others later.  For instance, infrastructure for the necessary arrival is good now, whereas the phones will sell better later.

5G stocks refer to a lot of companies. For instance, you have chipmakers, cell towers, phone, and part manufacturers and software companies.

But the truth is that some experts think the global spread is not near. It might take 25 more years before 5G is everywhere.

Final Thoughts

5G and COVID-19 are not on the same page. People are not buying new 5G compatible devices in the west as much as they are in China

That truth is that it will take over two decades before 5G is global. Investment in infrastructure under construction may pay off for now, but eventually, there will be an array of investment options.  

We are talking about software, hardware, chips, smartphones, and a lot more. 5G stocks will experience a geyser effect once the economy recovers.

The best thing that can happen is the following in order. The propper promotion of 5G comes first. Next, We need to demand the lowest rates. Finally, seeking even better technology is the eventual goal. As devastating as industry collapses are as a result of superior technology takeovers, recycling is recycling.

With that attitude in mind, go and invest in companies that have the right vision. Always remember, in the tech sector, you should shuffle your investments as fast as technology goes. Reading and staying safe at home, go hand in hand.