Courses to Jumpstart Your Meteor Career

If you want to build fast, robust and highly customizable modern web and mobile applications — Meteor is your choice of framework, as far as JavaScript frameworks go. At the time of writing this, there are 15,000 repositories that contain the name ‘meteor‘ on GitHub, which indicates that there is plenty of support and code to be found for learning purposes.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to jump straight into things without any previous priming, which is why I came up with the idea for this post. I’ve taken the time to gather up some useful and resourceful Meteor courses that will accelerate your learning and development progress significantly. I’ve to let you know beforehand that some of these courses do require a payment, but not only is the material going to outweigh the cost — you’re also supporting the developers that take their time to build these courses for us.

Meteor is very easy and fun framework to work with, the learning curve is very small, and if you’ve got previous JavaScript experience in the field, you’ll find that things just flow naturally. On top of that, I’d highly recommend Meteor as a framework to learn about how frameworks work in the real-world.

1. EventedMind

Evented Mind
Evented Mind has an archive of several hours of top-class Meteor screencasts. From a very basic getting started introduction, to a more sophisticated lessons in how to use Iron Router, as well as how to approach the Meteor core. Every class is divided into separate lessons and it’s truly easy to follow things along, one of the best screencasting styles out there.

2. Meteor: Build a real-time web app using only JavaScript!

Meteor  Build a real time web app using only JavaScript
Meteor allows you to build real time complex web applications using what you already know: just Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Take this class and you’ll be able to build and deploy a working application. Whether you want to build your own application or improve your marketable skills, Meteor is a great development tool to learn.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to the Meteor JavaScript Framework

A Beginner s Guide to the Meteor JavaScript Framework
It’s a total of 50+ lectures that span over 2+ hours in content length, expect to learn everything there is to know about the very basics of Meteor. The only two pre-requisites are that you have some idea of how JavaScript and Databases work, but even that — it’s easy to catch up on those. Udemy as always gives you access to a specific members forum where you can discuss the course material.

4. Single Page Web Apps with Meteor

Single Page Web Apps with Meteor   Tuts  Course
It’s a course divided in four different lectures, and within each one you’re going to learn more about the structuring aspects of Meteor and how to bring your apps to life with the least amount of time possible. Tuts+ is known for their high quality content around the web developer industry, so this course is not an exception — it gets to the point, and does it in an enjoyable manner.

5. DevFreeCasts – Meteor

Meteor   DevFreeCasts
DevFreeCasts offers you a huge library of videos that have been pulled together from a lot of resources around the web. In total, there is several hours of high-quality video material to help you learn Meteor in the quickest way possible. Just a note — all the individual videos link back to their original sources.

6. MeteorTuts

MeteorJS Tutorials   Meteortuts
Watch these step by step videos on building web applications using the Meteor Platform. Follow along while we cover every detail, from styling to deployment. Whether you are a novice, or an expert, there is always something to learn by watching others do it. It’s a project run by a Meteor enthusiast, so don’t expect too much activity, but worth having nonetheless.

Courses to Jumpstart Your Meteor Career

Meteor is evolving quickly, and because of that, many developers are taking the approach of teaching others about this framework, in order to learn more about it themselves. It’s been know that the best way to learn about something, is to become a teacher of it. I hope this small roundup of Meteor courses will get you started with what you want to get out of this framework.